Sumptuous Silk – The ‘By Didi’ capsule collection


Hello everyone! 

This has been the most productive and exciting blog post to date! In March I was contacted by London based fashion designer Dena Nakeeb about her absolutely stunning capsule collection ‘By Didi’.

To say I am honoured to write this piece on Dena, and her ever growing ‘By Didi’ brand would be a complete understatement. Dena and I have been chatting away almost everyday planning the piece and perfecting each little detail which has coincided with this fabulous post and I have loved every minute of it! 


At a glance 

Dena studied psychology at university and completed her Masters in Child and Family Psychology in 2010. Currently working in the Finance Industry, and having the fashion range as a side business, Dena explains how she has always been interested in the empowerment of women.

Incorporating both her educational background in psychology, and love for fashion, Dena began creating these beautiful garments to help aid women of all shapes and sizes feel incredibly beautiful in their own skin.

The beginning of a beautiful story… 

Being half Irish and half Iraqi, Dena was brought up in beautiful Jordan, in the Middle East. Completely influenced by her upbringing and country of birth, Dena began experimenting with fine fabrics such as silk, which she was first exposed to in Morocco at the silk markets. “I wanted to source my fabrics in the Middle East” according to Dena, which she now does so, and from both Morocco and Tunisia. 

The silk is the most incredible silk which is of no comparison to any other silks in the world. The feel of the garments have been described as ‘heaven’ on the skin. 

Dena was inspired to pursue her dream of designing by her mother who has been her biggest champion to date in always supporting her, and bringing out that inner creativity and extra sparkle which made this chapter in her life so very exciting.


The best thing about being a Fashion Designer

“Being able to experience and see the garments on those you love and those who are strangers is what makes the designing process worth it, but most importantly knowing that the energy you have put into a creation and design will be carried each time that that person wears the garment”.

“I am also big on the spiritualality side of things, and my thoughts are that; when I put so much time, effort energy and love into my designs, that the energy will transfer and create positive energy to the person wearing the garment”.

Your favourite Fashion Designers

“My favourite Designers would have to be Chanel, Valentino and Oscar de la Renta”. Classics. 

The ‘By Didi’ personal shopping experience 

Dena explains how she wants to go back to the original form of selling, which is making the brand far more luxurious and personal for her customers. Dena will be hosting a ‘By Didi’ personal shopping service around four times a year, which will be held in British Boutique hotels in central London as the brand wants to be signified by a truly British ethos.

The event will involve having samples of the collection, canapés and drinks along with members of the ‘By Didi’ team which will be available to take customised orders on all the garments. The collection can be produced in an array of colours and the garments can also be customised to the customers preference, by trying the garment on, and choosing the specific colours they want from the colour specialist who will be on hand to match the pieces to your skin tone. 

Orders taken at the event will be hand delivered to your door within 14 working days. 

Recent photo shoot for the ‘By Didi’ capsule collection

On the 28th of March, the ‘By Didi’ capsule collection took centre stage at the Milestone hotel in Kensington. 

The Milestone hotel in Kensington was the location of choice as Dena wanted to keep the brand and shoot as ‘British’ as possible. The Milestone hotel is a beautiful boutique hotel which Dena says she prefers as it brings through a feeling of warmth and homeliness that one cannot find in a chain hotel. 

The official ‘By DiDi’ capsule collection – 


What’s to come

More and more pieces are to be added to the collection. Dena is in the process of adding four more tops to the collection, three more dresses and a jumpsuit!

Pure London which are a collective group of fashion buyers, influences, retail and trend experts have accepted the ‘By Didi’ in their Allure range for the tradeshow in August.

Dena has been asked to custom make some garments for some extremely desirable London stores, all information is currently confidential – but do expect to see her in some big named windows soon! 

Another fabulous achievement 

Dena created her first Haute Couture piece for ‘By Didi’ which was designed for a beautiful lady in Canada for her engagement. 

The ‘Azeemeh’ Haute Couture skirt – 


Contact details:

E-mail –

Web address –

Facebook – By Didi

Instagram – bydidi

Twitter – fashionbydidi

So guys and gals, I hope you have enjoyed this piece as much as I have writing it. It has been my absolute pleasure working with Dena, and hopefully we will work on another piece again in the near future. 

As always, stay fabulous you lot,

The Style Shaper x 

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