🌴Holiday look book🌴 ~ The Algarve

 Hello everyone! 

I can’t believe it’s June already! I hope your all having a fantastic summer so far, my fingers and toes are crossed in hope that the Irish sunny weather is on route! 

Recently I went on a beautiful family holiday to The Algarve. To say it was amazing would be a complete understatement. This year was our 10th year to visit Praia Da Rocha in Portugal as it has been a family favourite ever since our first visit when I was just 12! 

As promised I am going to share with you all of the outfits I wore each day, as I know a lot of you have been asking questions about a few of the pieces on my Instagram (jennifer_carolan21). 

So, here is my holiday look book from The Algarve Portugal.🌴

✈️Airport ready✈️

Portugal is not a long flight compared to others. The flight is about 2 hours and 40 minutes, but then you have to take into consideration all the other traveling which means the comfiest clothes possible! I decided on ripped black jeans, a tee, sleeveless blazer and flats.

Jeans – River Island €50

Sleeveless blazer – Boohoo.com €24

Tee – River Island €25

Flat sandals – Forever21 €25

Gold effect chains – Penny’s/Primark €4

☀️Beach day☀️

This was our first day on the beautiful beach. I have been quite a few places and this is by far the nicest beach to date, and because they also have these amazing custard filled fresh donuts which are to die for! 

Sunglasses – Store in Praia Da Rocha €12.50

White tassel top – H&M (last year)

Denim shorts – New look (last year)

Bikini – Debenhams Floozi collection (last year) 

Evening look


As it was a little bit breezy, I decided on this look as it was super comfy! 

Jeans – River Island €50

White top – Penny’s/Primark €8

Sleeveless blazer – Boohoo.com €24

Shoes – Penny’s/Primark €18 (so comfy)

Translucent clutch – Penny’s/Primark €3 (reduced)

Evening look


Can anyone guess my fave colour?! I loved this outfit and it was super easy to wear! 

Sunglasses – Store in Praia Da Rocha €12.50

White cami top – Tesco €13

Blur floral neckpiece – Handmade in Tenerife last year

Floral print trousers – Penny’s/Primark €10

White shoes – Penny’s/Primark (years old!!)

Powder blue woven clutch – H&M €9.99

👛Shopping day👛

One of the extremely hot days we decided to visit the ‘Aqua’ shopping centre in Portimao. This dress was so handy just to throw on with my new flat lace ups from Parfois. The shopping centre is fantastic, it’s all outdoors and carries the best shops! I got a good few bits that day, including some stuff from Sephora (my fave face powder), jeans from Bershka, a dress and top from an amazing shop called lefties which is like a better and cheaper version of H&M but the quality is fantastic. I also picked up a stunning floral shirt in H&M and some gorgeous pieces of statement jewellery in another stand alone store dedicated entirely to jewellery – yes I was in heaven! 

Dress – River Island (under €50)

Lace up flats – Parfois (Dublin airport) €19.99

Bag – River Island 

Sunglasses – Store in Praia Da Rocha €12.99

Evening look

 These dresses are everywhere at the minute. I hadn’t planned on wearing this dress over in Portugal, it’s the one which I bought while shopping in a store which is called ‘lefties’ over there. It was so comfy and easy to wear. It also has two slits up the side which gave it a nice touch.

Dress – Lefties €9.99

Shoes – Penny’s/Primark (years old)

Gold chain – (Borrowed from a friend)

Translucent clutch – Penny’s/Primark €3 (reduced)

🌴Beach day🌴

A cappuccino with a view! 

If only you could taste this cappuccino! We had one every morning to start the day, (and also in the evening🙈) they were just amazing! 

Sun hat – Penny’s/Primark €5

Bikini – Debenhams (Last year) These bikinis were a little expensive as they carry amazing support. 

Lace tasseled kimono – Penny’s/Primark (last year) 

Evening look


This was the Friday night, we went for a beautiful Chinese while looking out on this view. 

White jeans – Penny’s/Primark €8

White crochet top – Penny’s/Primark €13

Black sandals – Penny’s/Primark €18

Black beaded neckpiece – Vila €13.50

Black bag – River Island 

Evening look
This was our last night. We all went for a beautiful dinner and finished off by picking up the last few bits and bobs as we had to be up very early to catch our flight home. 

Top – Vero Moda €8 (on sale)

White palazzo pants – Boohoo.com €28

Black bag – River Island 

Black sandals – Penny’s/Primark €18

Gold earrings – (Had them before) 

So they are all the pieces I wore during my stay in the beautiful Algarve. If you’re looking for a place to visit to relax and have a cheeky cocktail I would highly recommend Portugal. It is honestly breathtaking. 

As some of you know I am away in two weeks to Turkey which isn’t going to be much of a holiday for me (I can’t wait to share with you why) but my question is would you like me to do another look book for that holiday? 

Let me know! 

Stay fab as always,

The Style Shaper x 

Spring/Summer 2015 Make-up and Hair trends


Hello everyone! 

I am so excited to share with you the Spring/Summer 2015 make-up and hair trends which are fresh from the catwalks of the worlds most fashionable cities. I have really enjoyed researching the current trends for this post, so I hope you enjoy the read! 

Hair trends 2015

Slicked back ponytail – 

The slicked back ponytail has been seen a lot on the catwalks for this season. This look is perfect to wear with the bandage dress, jumpsuit or with evening wear as it can look effortless and classy. To achieve this look, simply brush back the hair, either straight back or in a middle or side parting ensuring all hair is sleek and tie in a ponytail. You can also use product to keep those fly away pieces of hair at bay. 

Unstyled and messy hair – 

The ‘messy’ look and the ‘unstyled’ look is appearing a lot lately as it gives such an effortless feel. For a more natural style, stay clear of polished waves and curls and let the hair dry naturally while applying some anti-frizz product. This hairstyle will work perfectly with this seasons fashion trends, including romantic florals, festival fashion, embellished pieces and prints to name a few. To achieve this look ensure that your hair is in great condition, rich in colour and cut to a good length.


Hairpieces – 

As the festival season is in full swing, we are seeing a lot of hairpieces appearing on the catwalks and being translated back on to the high street. Small and large headpieces such as floral bands, simple plain coloured pieces and jewelled bands are appearing everywhere at the moment and are giving the more natural hair styles a little sparkle. Smaller pieces and flowers are also being added to the hairstyles to create drama.

The wet look – 

I am loving this look at the minute. It is so simple to re-create on your own hair and can look so chic and fresh. It is simular to the slicked back ponytail except you are leaving the hair wet and adding product to give the look of dampness on the hair. Simply brush the hair back (wet) clip up your ends, and your good to go! 

Make-up trends 2015

Make -up and skin

Natural skin is taking over ladies! The world of fashion and make-up is fascinating over a more natural approach when it comes to the skin and foundation. The contouring faze which has taken over the past few months is now taking a back seat at recent shows as we are seeing more natural looking skin tones and looks with artists focussing more on the lip and eye. 

Dewy and radiant skin is appearing more on the runways with the focus being a highlight on the cheek bones, a sheer gloss on the lips and a shine on the eyelids. 

Lips – 

Think of Summer colours while choosing the right lip this season. Forget the high lined and defined lips ladies, a naturally applied colour is what is coming fresh from the catwalks! Apply your lip colour and smudge it with your finger tip to achieve the look. Colours such as oranges, pinks, pinky nudes, poppy reds and corals are bang on trend. 

Eyes – 

While researching the trends, one that popped up a lot was the smudged eyeliner. Now, as this is one of the more easier looks to achieve, we will all be able to re-create it which is the best bit! Simply smudge your eyeliner remembering not to perfect it, and mix with golds to create an off the runway look.

Coloured eyes are also appearing, with shades such as barely there pinks, nudes, blues, oranges and sheen looks becoming the colours of choice.


Eyebrows – 

The perfected eyebrow is also taking a back seat this season! There is no high definition being made to the brows, but instead a brushed and well groomed brow. I have being doing this lately and achieving the look using the Benefit ‘Gimme Brow’ which gives a more natural looking brow. 


I hope you have all enjoyed this smaller that usual post! I have really enjoyed researching the trends and translating them into a post for you guys! 

Stay fab all! 

The Style Shaper x 

(Image credit – Pretty-hairstyles.com, fashionisers.com, Kevin Tachman for Vogue) 

The Style Shaper – Wardrobe Essentials for all seasons

Hello everyone!

I have asked in previous posts on my Instagram page (jennifer_carolan21) what you the readers would like to see on my blog. After some lovely messages and suggestions this next post was one that a lot of you have asked for. 

I am going to share with you all the classic pieces which I feel are essential in your everyday wardrobe and which will without a doubt get you through each day, wheather it’s for work, an event, or just casual wear!

So, here’s a little bit of fashionably light reading for on this sunny Sunday! 

Enjoy x

For every season – 

Black and white tank top – I think this one goes without saying! Tank tops are great, wheather its for the gym, casual wear, or even to dress up with a pair of jeans you will definitely get wear from these.

Black and white short sleeved t-shirt – Again, another staple piece in your wardrobe should be tees. A simple black or white t-shirt with jeans and a tailored blazer can look effortlessly chic.

White button down shirt – I think this is the one item you certainly need in your wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with a plain and simple button down shirt. It can be dressed up or down to create an effortless look. Invest in a good white shirt as this is without a doubt a timeless piece for your wardrobe.

A cardigan – If you like to wear cardigans, go for ones that are neutral in colour so that you can mix and match with different looks. Also when purchasing, go for a cardigan that sits at the hip, as this flatters almost all shapes.

Black dress – The ‘LBD’ as we like to call it! Girls, you need a little black dress in that wardrobe, it is a nessesity and staple piece! We all know to well that if all else fails, you will have that perfect ‘LBD’ on stand by! 

A pencil skirt – I would advise carrying a pencil skirt in your wardrobe. It is a classic and timeless piece that when tailored perfectly, will make such a statement. 

Jeans – We all have a pair of jeans, or if your like me, a hundred pairs!! But one mistake people make while buying a pair of jeans is that they almost 100% of the time are not the right shape or fit. Check out my post on shapes and how to dress for your shape to see which pair will suit you best! 

Jackets – A jacket is essential all year round, and as we know in Ireland, we could have four seasons in one day!

A Denim jacket is always good to keep in your wardrobe, it again is a timeless piece and we are seeing a lot of denim coming back into season so root it out ladies and keep it at the top of your pile!  

A shorter cropped jacket is also a nice piece to have as it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion or where you want to wear it. Again, if you read my recent post on how to update your wardrobe without spending a penny, you will have seen how to jazz up those jackets! 

A rain mac – I know, not so fabulous! But unfortunately with our weather, you have to keep that mac out! The best bit here is that there are so many high street stores stocking mac’s now a days, that you are sure to pick up a stylish one to take you through the seasons!

Simple flat shoes – Keeping a nice flat shoe like a ballerina flat in a black, nude and a brown colour is a must for your wardrobe. You will wear them, trust me! 

Black shoes – A black pair of any kind are a must in your wardrobe! They are the go-to shoe wheather it’s for work or play!

Converse – I think we all own a pair of these bad boys! I had to stick these in as they have become part of the furniture at this stage! I have noticed a lot of working women wearing these while on there way to the office before changing into their heels, which I think is a brilliant idea, but also they are the go-to runner for everyday and may I add, the comfiest shoe EVER!!!

Evening heels – I think one shoe that can be worked through every season is the court shoe. So simple, classy and a staple for your wardrobe season after season. Investing in a good quality pair is essential.

Autumn wear essentials – 

Waterproof coat – Yes, Autumn means it’s closer to Winter, which unfortunately means rain! A waterproof coat is essential for travelling, and if theamed with a pair of jeans it can look great! 

Trench coat – A wardrobe classic! I love trench coats for Autumn time. They are classy, versatile and always bang on trend. This is a definite staple for your wardrobe, and best if in a black, nude or the khaki colour range as this colour pallet will go with almost everything!

A sleeveless vest jacket – I think that when coming into Autumn, it’s not quite cold enough for a full on fluffy coat! A sleeveless vest jacket is the perfect item for this time of year and a must have for your wardrobe! Throw this on over a long sleeved black, white or coloured top and you will be singing!

Flat ankle and knee-high boots – A pair of ankle boots are a must have for your wardrobe! Whether it’s casual wear or a dressier look you want to go for, ankle boots will work wonders for both. Knee-high boots are great with skirts in Autumn and Winter time.

Leather jacket – A leather jacket is a must have item for both your wardrobe and  Autumn. It is a style staple in my eyes and can now be found so easily on the high street at affordable prices.

Winter wear essentials – 

Knitwear – Knitwear is essential for Winter time. Heavy chunky jumpers are a great wardrobe staple along with being stylish and comfortable.

Dark coloured jeans- Jeans which are a dark wash or black in colour are a must have to bring you through the season. Black jeans are also essential for your wardrobe.

Long sleeved tops – Long sleeved tops are great during winter. Penny’s/Primark always do a fantastic range in an array of colours. These under a vest coat or gillet are perfect.

A turtle neck jumper – I love turtle neck jumpers, and last winter they made a fabulous come back on the high street. They are so easy to pair with jeans but make a fantastic statement, along with being lovely and cosy!

Winter coat – A winter coat is an all time must have piece for your wardrobe. I would recommend investing in a classic, timeless coat that you will have for a long time.

Spring wear essentials – 

Cropped trousers – These type of trousers are essential for your Spring wardrobe. They are that little bit more shorter cut around the ankle, but sit perfectly. On the high street we are seeing a lot of bold colours and prints which gives you a great option to dress up or down. These trousers can also be brought straight through to the Summer as well.

Cigarette leg trousers- These trousers are a great piece to carry as they are a little bit more comfortable and casual, but when worn right can be smart enough for the office.

Printed tops – Having a few different printed tops in your wardrobe is the perfect way to jazz up your Spring basics.

Cotton blouse – A cotton blouse is a great little piece to have. Again, the high street carries these type blouses in an array of styles and colours, so you are sure to get your hands on one! They are perfect for Spring as they give you great coverage but remain nice and airy! 

Blazer – The blazer! Everyone should have a blazer in their wardrobe, it goes without saying! 

Summer wear essentials – 

A strapless bra – It is one thing that I absolutely hate! Seeing someone wearing a lovely top and then two big bra straps hanging out! Strapless bras were made to be worn girls!!! And while we are on the topic of bras, please invest in a black, nude and white bra, there is also nothing worse than seeing someone with a white top on and a black bra underneath!! Just NO!

A swimming suit or bikini – Wheather your holidaying at home or away you are going to need a bathing suit! I would recommend investing in a good one which fits well and has good support. I purchased two very good bikinis about two years ago, which are a perfect fit as I have a bigger bust, and they are still perfect to this day! 

Shorts – It’s Summer time – the hottest time of the year, spending a little extra on a good pair of shorts will do your wardrobe justice, as a good pair are essential. 

Flip flops and sandals- Flip flops and sandals are essential for your Summer wardrobe. Investing in a good supportive pair of flip flops will benefit you in the long run in terms of support for the feet. If your like me and live in flip flops from the start of summer until the beginning of Autumn then a good pair is a must!

Sandals are great as you can wear them with almost everything during Summer. They work well paired with jeans, shorts, cropped trousers and even skirts. 

Sunglasses – Firstly, there is no need to spend hundreds on a pair of sunglasses!  Sunglasses were made for one reason and one reason only – to protect your eyes from UV sun rays, basically so you won’t be blinded!!! Once your sunglasses have UV protection – you’re good to go! 

White jeans – White jeans have made such a strong appearance on the high street this year. They are now available in a wide range of styles which look great with almost everything and are essential for your Summer wardrobe! 

High heels sandals – Having a certain pair of heels for Summer would be a great idea. I would recommend going for a nude colour as they will go with everything, or bold colours to work around colour blocking.

So guys and gals, they are my top essential pieces that you should keep in your wardrobe to carry you through each season. I hope you have enjoyed this post and have found it useful! 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment or get in contact! 

Stay fabulous all!

The Style Shaper x 
(Image credit: b-yourself.co.uk)