Irish Blogging Conference Cork – What I Wore


Hello everyone, and a very happy Friday!

Apologies for the delay on this post as I know a lot of you have been asking me questions on the outfit which I wore for the Irish blogging conference which was held in Cork last weekend. 

Firstly I want to say what a weekend it was! We had the ultimate ‘lols’ all day long with some extremely inspirational speakers. To say I came away with being totally inspired along with some excellent tips and tricks would be an understatement, but unfortunately I came home with a flu which I wasn’t that happy about, but hey it’s that time of the year! 

Today I am going to share with you the details of each item I wore on the day. I know a lot of you have been lusting over the knee high lace-up boots I wore so keep on scrolling!!!

Outfit details – 

As the conference was being held in the Clarion Hotel Cork, we decided to stay the night before. I initially intended on wearing a black swing dress but found this little number in none other than Penneys the morning of the conference on a stroll around cork. 

Hair and make-up – 

My hair was simply curled using a hair straightener, and my make up I done myself. I used my trusty old products and for the lip I used the Penneys/Primark lip liner all over the lip which may I say is amazing and lasts!  

Dress – 

The dress I wore is from Penneys/Primark and don’t kill me, but I honestly can’t remember how much it was! It came in this print along with some other plain colours. I loved the print and style of the dress as it sat perfectly at the top of the boots.

Sleeveless Blazer – 

I’ve had this sleeveless blazer for quite a while now as when they first came on the scene, I had to have one! This one in particular is from and was no more than €20. I thought it added that extra little something to the outfit, but also brought the look together as a whole. 

Hat – 

My “blogging” hat as Mr.James Kavanagh would call it is from none other than Penneys/Primark. It was €10 and comes in lots of different shades.


Knees high lace-up boots – 

So last but by no means least….the god dang boots!!! I have been looking for a pair of these boots since last year when they first became popular in outfit posts. I searched and searched for a pair which were not expensive as you know me, the better the bargain the better the buy! So while scrolling on one day about three weeks ago I stumbled upon these beauties!! Guys they were JUST €49!!! I lasted all day in them as they are super comfy and have the perfect heel height. 

So guys and gals that is all the datials on my look for the blogging conference! Pretty simple and not expensive at all! 

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Stay fabulous as always, 


Illustration – Holly Shortall

Pictures – My Own


 Hello everyone, and a very happy Tuesday!


Burgundy and black are taking a back seat this winter season with the colour rust becoming the more prominent colour of choice in clothing and also in footwear.

During this post I am going to show you a selection of items from our fabulous high-street  and online which will carry you right through the season whilst being bang on trend and which won’t break that bank account of yours! 

So ladies I will now invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy all these beautiful pieces which come in this glorious colour that is Rust! 



1 – Rust brown tassel scarf €22

2 – Rust brown shirt dress €55

3 – Sleeveless waistcoat €55

4 – Floppy hat €33




1 – Roll neck sleeveless jumper €24.99

2 – Rust ankle strap heel €22.99

3 – Button front A-line skirt €24.99

4 – Belted A-line skirt €17.99 

5 – Rust flared sleeved top €29.99

6 – Sleevless waistcoat €24.99



1 – Rust flared jumpsuit €49.95

2 – Rust cropped trousers €49.95



1 – Sleeveless faux suede belted trench coat €49

2 – Longline faux fur gilet €77

3 – Tasell front heeled shoes €42

4 – Knee high peep toe lace up boots €63



Rust wide legged jumpsuit €36.99

So ladies, they are my must have rust coloured pieces from the beloved high-street and online! Rust right now is bang on trend is making its way into many collections this season. 

All pieces can be purchased online from the following :

Happy Shopping! 

Stay Fab, 


The Style Shaper reviews – Emjoi MICRO-nail and MICRO-Pedi Nano

A huge hello to everyone and happy Sunday!

Over the past two weeks I have had the absolute pleasure of trying out the MICRO-nail and MICRO-Pedi Nano from the fabulous company Lifes2Good, which is distributed by Irish company Emjoi and I have the perfect post for you all to read which will ensure you have beautiful shiny nails and perfectly soft feet in seconds! 

Throughout this post I will explain to you how each product works, what it achieves and where you can find your nearest stockist! Most of the following personal review pictures are my own as I wanted to show you exactly how well both products work and give results! So in turn, be prepared for some foot selfies😉

So guys and gals, if you long for fabulous feet and a super glow to your nail surface which lasts two amazing weeks, then keep on scrolling to see how I achieved an amazing at home manicure and pedicure using these two fab products! 

The MICRO-Nail


Firstly I just want to say WOW to this product! I am always that little bit sceptical when it comes to nails as I adore having my nails done professionally, but this may just have converted me!

MICRO Nail is designed to transform dull and rough looking nails, so much so that you have a beautiful smooth and shiny nail surface in just seconds! The device will do absolutely no damage to the nail bed or surrounding areas of the nail like the cuticles. 

My first impressions of the product were fantastic! The MICRO Nail device itself is the perfect size for an at home manicure or if you are travelling and on the go which is perfect to just pop in your bag. 

The MICRO Nail comes with two ‘Micro smooth’ rollers which are green in colour and are designed to buff the nail, which will take away any uneven ridges and reduce the apearence of dull nails along with unevenness to the nail. It also comes with two ‘Micro shine’ rollers which is the amazing part! They are white in colour and while working over the nail with the shiner, in just seconds you can see an amazing result. A shiny, healthy beautiful nail.

One thing that I loved most about the product was the fact that the shine lasts an amazing two weeks and acts as an undercoat for nail polish, so after using the MICRO Nail you can apply your favourite red or pink polish and be left with no stains on the nail bed afterwards.

The MICRO Nail also comes equipped with 2 batteries as it is a battery operated product, a replacement smooth and shine roller and a small pouch for storing the smaller pieces. If you feel your rollers have worn down, replacement rollers are available to purchase separately.


As I mentioned above, I tried out the product two weeks ago and to this day my nail is still gleaming! I started off by using the MICRO Nail on my hands and was wowed by the immediate results.

I then used the MICRO Nail on my toe nails and was just as pleased with the results.  
So as you can see above this is how the product looks once you take it from its packaging. The batteries are included, so you simply flick open the top of the MICRO Nail and place your batteries in. One of the ‘Micro smooth’ rollers comes ready to go, you just have to remove the plastic cover and your ready to buff those nails beautiful! 

I had my gel nails removed to try this product so my own nails are not in the best looking condition as you can all imagine, but I am super glad I did have them removed because the results from the MICRO Nail were fantastic, and my nails are now growing evenly and with a beautiful shine. I’m just totally amazed by it!

Here is a short video to show how I used the product.

                         Before                                                   After

I also used the MICRO Nail on a family member as they couldn’t believe my result! 

              Before                                During                                 After

Here is a short video of the result after buffing and shining the nail.

So as you can see from the above pictures, the results are phenomenal. I honestly couldn’t believe the amazing change to my nails that can be achieved at home in just two minutes! 

Would I recommend this product?

Absolutely! I have fallen in love with this and look forward to using it on my nails and toenails in the future. I would recommend the MICRO Nail to everyone who loves going for a manicure or who longs being able to achieve salon results in the comfort of their homes. 

Price point – The MICRO Nail was €49.95 BUT is currently on special offer for €29.95.

The MICRO Pedi Nano


I have to say, I was very excited to try the Micro Pedi Nano, I mean who doesn’t want fabulous soft feet in seconds?!

The Micro Pedi Nano has just been launched and is the perfect size to carry with you on your travels and is super compact so that you can just pop it into your bag.

The MICRO Pedi Nano is designed to give you gorgeous smooth feet in seconds, and that my friends is exactly what it does! I couldn’t believe the difference to certain parts of my feet when I first started using the device. 

My first impressions of the product were amazing! I remember whispering to myself “oh my goodness” as I couldn’t believe how much hard and dry skin had been removed in the first few seconds.

I also like the fact that the roller on the MICRO Pedi Nano is anti-bacterial, which is a new feature and also how safe it is to use in comparison to other metal scrapers or files. 

The MICRO Pedi Nano requires 2 AA batteries, comes with an anti-bacterial Flex+ roller which is very effective on hard areas but is gentle and wont damage the foot. It is available in three gorgeous colours to choose from – pink, blue and orange. 

Below is what the MICRO Pedi Nano looks like when you take it from its box, and also comes with a small brush to brush away the excess skin when using the product.

Above are the replacement rollers which are also available to purchase separately if you feel your roller has worn down a bit and are €14.95 to buy. 

So as you can see from the above left picture, I had hard and dry skin on the backs of my heels which I think is the most problematic area for everyone who is on their feet all day. 

                Before                                During                                After

I also had hard skin on the side of my big toe, and over onto the ball of my foot. The results were fantastic as you can see from the ‘after’ picture, and it took just 2-3 minutes to achieve this. 

Would I recommend this product?

A big fat YES!! If you suffer from dry and hard skin on your feet and are looking for effortlessly smooth and beautiful feet in just minutes, then this is definitely the product for you! I honestly can’t recommend the MICRO Pedi Nano enough as it is so easy to use and achieve amazing results. There is also a MICRO Pedi Man available. 

Price point – The MICRO pedi Nano was €39.95 BUT is on special at the moment for €29.95. 

Where to find these amazing products – 

All products are available either on their own or in a set from the following;

Carlow area stockists 

  • Sam McCauleys Chemist
  • Whites Pharmancy

<And surrounding areas>

So guys and gals, I hope you have enjoyed this review on both products. I would highly recommend both for easy at home manicures and pedicures.

Stay fabulous and happy pampering,



The Style Shaper Winter Picks – ‘Coats and Capes’ from River Island 

Hello Everyone💕

Happy Fri-yay🌟  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend💕

The last few days I have been lusting over some absolutely fabulous winter pieces from the high street. To say River Island have got it in the bag yet again would be an understatement as their collection for Autumn/Winter is stunning! 

Let’s face it, Ireland is going to be freezing as always so I thought I would focus solely on coats, capes and also the sleeveless jacket as they are making a huge appearance in most high street collections for winter. 

Here are my favourite coats and capes from River Island which I think you will all love, also don’t hate me because I am showing you winter pieces!! I know we haven’t even got our summer yet🙈☺️

 How STUNNING are these sleeveless trench jackets? They remind me of something Kim K would wear! I love the burnt orange colour which would be fab over a shirt or blouse. If you wanted to go for a more casual look, this over a long tee would work great. They come in at €100, but are a timeless piece to keep in your wardrobe to carry you through the changeable seasons.

I’m a sucker when it comes to light colours and pastel shades. Both types here carry a beautiful faux fur collar which is an added bonus if you ask me! Fur has become so popular for winter in the last few years and these two pieces are just perfect! The beige sleeveless gilet comes in at €65, which I don’t think is that bad for a beautiful piece, and the grey ribbed jacket comes in at €73.

Let’s just take a minute………….. How fab is this brown belted shearling jacket? I think it looks so expensive and cape like! This one comes in at €80, which I had to look at twice as I thought it would cost a hell of a lot more!! The black one beside it is also a bit of a bargain at €60 which again you wouldn’t think for such a sleek looking jacket. Both are belted, the black one being sleeveless.

FUR AND FEATHER ALERT (faux that is)

I love both of these gilets. The first one being that little bit more daring and out there, the one to the right is more gentle in terms of its beige colour and overall appearance. The beige gilet is actually feathers, and does look quite fur like which comes in at €87. The brown faux fur gilet is that bit more expensive and comes in at €90! 

I mentioned this grey half fur sleeveless jacket on my Instagram and Facebook page recently! I think it’s so smart, but also bang on trend. It comes in at a whopping €100, but I definitely think it’s worth the price tag! To the left is a great jersey longline sleeveless jacket which would be so simple to dress either up or down. It comes in at €73, but you could also purchase a less expensive faux fur collar and place it around the neck area to change up your look.


Love these two coats. You honestly can’t go wrong with black or black and white! Both pieces will work incredibly well whether it’s dressing a look up or down. The black and white one I noticed has just come back into stock so there has obviously been a huge demand for it – it comes in at €67 which is fantastic for a River Island coat! It also carries a beautiful faux leather look collar for that extra little effect. The black crombie coat comes in at €120 which is that little bit more pricey, but for a classic piece you couldn’t go wrong! 

Cape loving!!! Check out these star buys. I have to say I am loving capes at the minute! I purchased one already and have it sitting ready to be worn! These two again are quite different in terms of price as to the right is a brown laser cut fringed suede one which comes in at €127 and the black faux suede leather look one which comes in at €55. Both I think are stunning, it just depends on what you want to spend on a piece.

I couldn’t leave without a little bit of leather! Just look at them!! A leather jacket is an essential piece to carry in your wardrobe! 

Now I have to put my hands up and say there is a huge price difference between the two of these leather jackets. I honestly thought the one with the fur would come in a lot more pricier but I was wrong! Yes, one is 100% leather and the other a leather-look jacket! 

To the right – a leather look jacket with a removable faux fur collar which comes in at €87

To the left – a fitted 100% leather biker jacket which comes in at €160 – but don’t let the price tag scare you as you will have a leather jacket forever!

So guys and gals, they are my fave picks from the River Island new season collection for winter. I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak at them!
All of the above items are available online at and I am sure will be appearing in your nearest store soon! 

Stay Fab all, 




🌴Holiday look book🌴 ~ Kusadasi Turkey

A huge hello to all you beauties💋

Apologies for the delay on this post. Unfortunately due to a little set back I was unable to blog, but I’m happy to say I’m back!!!

If you are following my Instagram (Jennifer_carolan21) you will have seen that recently I visited the beautiful Kusadasi which is a very popular holiday destination in Turkey. I asked the question wheather you would all like to see another holiday look book and the answer was yes!!! 

I do apologise in advance for the lack of effort in this look book as some days I was not up to dressing up for the simple reason that I was actually in Turkey having my teeth done which I also surprised a lot of you with on my Instagram! (Full dental blog post will be live soon) 

✈️Airport ready✈️

 Jeans – Penneys/Primark

Espadrilles – River Island 

Shirt – Zara (sale)

Bag – DKNY 

Passport case – Cath Kidston 

🍸Evening look🍸

Dress – Penneys/Primark 

Embellished wedges – Penneys/Primark 

Bag – DKNY 

Neckpiece – Zara (sale)

☀️Day look☀️

 This was one of the days we went to the market! My face is pretty swelled as I had a lot of work done the day previous! 

Play suit – Penneys/Primark (last year)

Sandles – Forever21

Tassel bag – Penneys/Primark 

🎀Evening look🎀

 I love love love this top! It’s from Penneys of course and is just fab! It has two long slits up the side which adds that little extra detail.

Top – Penneys/Primark 

Denim shorts – New look

Sandles – Forever21

Black tassel bag – Penneys/Primark 

Long gold and blue chain – Penneys/Primark 

☀️Day look☀️


I have to say, this little dress was the best thing I ever bought! I literally wore it everyday to the pool and around the resort. It was so handy just to throw on during the day and be comfy at the same time.

Dress – Penneys/Primark 

Flip flops – Penneys/Primark 

Bikini bag – Penneys/Primark 

Bikini – H&M 

🍸Evening look🍸

Oh I remember this day like it was yesterday! I had so much work done in the dentist that day to the point I shed a tear out of pure self sorrow! So dressing up was not on my agenda! 

Shorts – New look

Sandles – Forever21

Black crop top – Penneys/Primark

Chain – Penneys/Primark 

White long kimono – Minx Carlow

Black tassel bag – Penneys/Primark 

🌴Day look🌴

I actually found this buried in a suitcase with the tags still on it! It’s from Penneys/Primark, but from when is a good question! I thought the colours and pattern were fab so I decided to throw it in for a change during the day! 

🌸Evening look🌸


Cullottes – Penneys/Primark 

Shoes – Penneys/Primark 

Top – Market in Turkey (€10)

Chain – Penneys/Primark 

Pink fluffy bag – River Island

🍸Evening look🍸

 I have to say, this was one of my favourite looks! So many people have asked about the trousers and I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint! 

Top – Penneys/Primark 

Trousers – Market in Turkey (€5)

Neckpiece – Zara (sale)

Wedges – Penneys/Primark 

Bag – DKNY  

🌴Evening look🌴

This was our last night in beautiful Kusadasi! 

Dress – Penneys/Primark

Shoes – Penneys/Primark 

Neckpiece- Penneys/Primark 

Bag – DKNY  

So guys and gals they are my looks from Kusadasi! I know they weren’t very thought out, I kind of dressed to how I was feeling! 

I am in the process of writing a complete in dept post about my dental treatment at Tour Medical in Turkey, and I will let you know when it has gone live, so keep an eye out over on my Instagram and Facebook pages!

I have also had a few people ask about the hotel which we stayed in. It was called the Palmin Sunset Plaza and was just fabulous! Talking to a few people over there, it was by far one of the nicer hotels. The rooms, hotel, facilities, staff, food and entertainment team were superb and we didn’t have one thing to complain about!

Stay fab all, 

The Style Shaper x

The Style Shaper picks with ~ 🌸70’s Vibes and boho chic🌸

Happy Sunday everyone! 

After visiting a very well known online site, I decided that due to their fabulous section on 70’s styles and boho chic section that I would share with you some of my fave pieces that are bang on trend, perfectly priced and that will carry you right through the summer season, wheather its holidaying or for festival fun! 

Here are my fave fab picks which are ALL under €35! 


Long tassel crepe skirt – €16

Crochet crop cape (Black and Ivory) – €19

Pleat detail wide leg trousers (Black and Ivory) – €27

Floral print strappy jumpsuit – €34


Flower lace long sleeve smock dress (Black and White) – €34

Denim shift dress – €27

Printed wide leg trousers – €20

Lace maxi dress (Black and White) – €20

Orange feather necklace – €5

Layered bead and chain chocked – €16

Printed sheered of the shoulder crop – €16

Lace trim swing cami dress – €20

Printed tassel dress – €27  


Suede effect tassel bag – €24

Boho printed double split maxi co-ord – €30
Tribal stripe cami maxi dress – €27

Crochet tassel cross body bag – €22

All of the above pieces are available now from and are perfect for this season, and let’s face it, you couldn’t go wrong for those price points either!

Happy shopping, and hopefully you have seen something that tickles your fancy! 

Stay fab you lot,

The Style Shaper x 

Spring/Summer 2015 Make-up and Hair trends


Hello everyone! 

I am so excited to share with you the Spring/Summer 2015 make-up and hair trends which are fresh from the catwalks of the worlds most fashionable cities. I have really enjoyed researching the current trends for this post, so I hope you enjoy the read! 

Hair trends 2015

Slicked back ponytail – 

The slicked back ponytail has been seen a lot on the catwalks for this season. This look is perfect to wear with the bandage dress, jumpsuit or with evening wear as it can look effortless and classy. To achieve this look, simply brush back the hair, either straight back or in a middle or side parting ensuring all hair is sleek and tie in a ponytail. You can also use product to keep those fly away pieces of hair at bay. 

Unstyled and messy hair – 

The ‘messy’ look and the ‘unstyled’ look is appearing a lot lately as it gives such an effortless feel. For a more natural style, stay clear of polished waves and curls and let the hair dry naturally while applying some anti-frizz product. This hairstyle will work perfectly with this seasons fashion trends, including romantic florals, festival fashion, embellished pieces and prints to name a few. To achieve this look ensure that your hair is in great condition, rich in colour and cut to a good length.


Hairpieces – 

As the festival season is in full swing, we are seeing a lot of hairpieces appearing on the catwalks and being translated back on to the high street. Small and large headpieces such as floral bands, simple plain coloured pieces and jewelled bands are appearing everywhere at the moment and are giving the more natural hair styles a little sparkle. Smaller pieces and flowers are also being added to the hairstyles to create drama.

The wet look – 

I am loving this look at the minute. It is so simple to re-create on your own hair and can look so chic and fresh. It is simular to the slicked back ponytail except you are leaving the hair wet and adding product to give the look of dampness on the hair. Simply brush the hair back (wet) clip up your ends, and your good to go! 

Make-up trends 2015

Make -up and skin

Natural skin is taking over ladies! The world of fashion and make-up is fascinating over a more natural approach when it comes to the skin and foundation. The contouring faze which has taken over the past few months is now taking a back seat at recent shows as we are seeing more natural looking skin tones and looks with artists focussing more on the lip and eye. 

Dewy and radiant skin is appearing more on the runways with the focus being a highlight on the cheek bones, a sheer gloss on the lips and a shine on the eyelids. 

Lips – 

Think of Summer colours while choosing the right lip this season. Forget the high lined and defined lips ladies, a naturally applied colour is what is coming fresh from the catwalks! Apply your lip colour and smudge it with your finger tip to achieve the look. Colours such as oranges, pinks, pinky nudes, poppy reds and corals are bang on trend. 

Eyes – 

While researching the trends, one that popped up a lot was the smudged eyeliner. Now, as this is one of the more easier looks to achieve, we will all be able to re-create it which is the best bit! Simply smudge your eyeliner remembering not to perfect it, and mix with golds to create an off the runway look.

Coloured eyes are also appearing, with shades such as barely there pinks, nudes, blues, oranges and sheen looks becoming the colours of choice.


Eyebrows – 

The perfected eyebrow is also taking a back seat this season! There is no high definition being made to the brows, but instead a brushed and well groomed brow. I have being doing this lately and achieving the look using the Benefit ‘Gimme Brow’ which gives a more natural looking brow. 


I hope you have all enjoyed this smaller that usual post! I have really enjoyed researching the trends and translating them into a post for you guys! 

Stay fab all! 

The Style Shaper x 

(Image credit –,, Kevin Tachman for Vogue) 

The Style Shaper – Wardrobe Essentials for all seasons

Hello everyone!

I have asked in previous posts on my Instagram page (jennifer_carolan21) what you the readers would like to see on my blog. After some lovely messages and suggestions this next post was one that a lot of you have asked for. 

I am going to share with you all the classic pieces which I feel are essential in your everyday wardrobe and which will without a doubt get you through each day, wheather it’s for work, an event, or just casual wear!

So, here’s a little bit of fashionably light reading for on this sunny Sunday! 

Enjoy x

For every season – 

Black and white tank top – I think this one goes without saying! Tank tops are great, wheather its for the gym, casual wear, or even to dress up with a pair of jeans you will definitely get wear from these.

Black and white short sleeved t-shirt – Again, another staple piece in your wardrobe should be tees. A simple black or white t-shirt with jeans and a tailored blazer can look effortlessly chic.

White button down shirt – I think this is the one item you certainly need in your wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with a plain and simple button down shirt. It can be dressed up or down to create an effortless look. Invest in a good white shirt as this is without a doubt a timeless piece for your wardrobe.

A cardigan – If you like to wear cardigans, go for ones that are neutral in colour so that you can mix and match with different looks. Also when purchasing, go for a cardigan that sits at the hip, as this flatters almost all shapes.

Black dress – The ‘LBD’ as we like to call it! Girls, you need a little black dress in that wardrobe, it is a nessesity and staple piece! We all know to well that if all else fails, you will have that perfect ‘LBD’ on stand by! 

A pencil skirt – I would advise carrying a pencil skirt in your wardrobe. It is a classic and timeless piece that when tailored perfectly, will make such a statement. 

Jeans – We all have a pair of jeans, or if your like me, a hundred pairs!! But one mistake people make while buying a pair of jeans is that they almost 100% of the time are not the right shape or fit. Check out my post on shapes and how to dress for your shape to see which pair will suit you best! 

Jackets – A jacket is essential all year round, and as we know in Ireland, we could have four seasons in one day!

A Denim jacket is always good to keep in your wardrobe, it again is a timeless piece and we are seeing a lot of denim coming back into season so root it out ladies and keep it at the top of your pile!  

A shorter cropped jacket is also a nice piece to have as it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion or where you want to wear it. Again, if you read my recent post on how to update your wardrobe without spending a penny, you will have seen how to jazz up those jackets! 

A rain mac – I know, not so fabulous! But unfortunately with our weather, you have to keep that mac out! The best bit here is that there are so many high street stores stocking mac’s now a days, that you are sure to pick up a stylish one to take you through the seasons!

Simple flat shoes – Keeping a nice flat shoe like a ballerina flat in a black, nude and a brown colour is a must for your wardrobe. You will wear them, trust me! 

Black shoes – A black pair of any kind are a must in your wardrobe! They are the go-to shoe wheather it’s for work or play!

Converse – I think we all own a pair of these bad boys! I had to stick these in as they have become part of the furniture at this stage! I have noticed a lot of working women wearing these while on there way to the office before changing into their heels, which I think is a brilliant idea, but also they are the go-to runner for everyday and may I add, the comfiest shoe EVER!!!

Evening heels – I think one shoe that can be worked through every season is the court shoe. So simple, classy and a staple for your wardrobe season after season. Investing in a good quality pair is essential.

Autumn wear essentials – 

Waterproof coat – Yes, Autumn means it’s closer to Winter, which unfortunately means rain! A waterproof coat is essential for travelling, and if theamed with a pair of jeans it can look great! 

Trench coat – A wardrobe classic! I love trench coats for Autumn time. They are classy, versatile and always bang on trend. This is a definite staple for your wardrobe, and best if in a black, nude or the khaki colour range as this colour pallet will go with almost everything!

A sleeveless vest jacket – I think that when coming into Autumn, it’s not quite cold enough for a full on fluffy coat! A sleeveless vest jacket is the perfect item for this time of year and a must have for your wardrobe! Throw this on over a long sleeved black, white or coloured top and you will be singing!

Flat ankle and knee-high boots – A pair of ankle boots are a must have for your wardrobe! Whether it’s casual wear or a dressier look you want to go for, ankle boots will work wonders for both. Knee-high boots are great with skirts in Autumn and Winter time.

Leather jacket – A leather jacket is a must have item for both your wardrobe and  Autumn. It is a style staple in my eyes and can now be found so easily on the high street at affordable prices.

Winter wear essentials – 

Knitwear – Knitwear is essential for Winter time. Heavy chunky jumpers are a great wardrobe staple along with being stylish and comfortable.

Dark coloured jeans- Jeans which are a dark wash or black in colour are a must have to bring you through the season. Black jeans are also essential for your wardrobe.

Long sleeved tops – Long sleeved tops are great during winter. Penny’s/Primark always do a fantastic range in an array of colours. These under a vest coat or gillet are perfect.

A turtle neck jumper – I love turtle neck jumpers, and last winter they made a fabulous come back on the high street. They are so easy to pair with jeans but make a fantastic statement, along with being lovely and cosy!

Winter coat – A winter coat is an all time must have piece for your wardrobe. I would recommend investing in a classic, timeless coat that you will have for a long time.

Spring wear essentials – 

Cropped trousers – These type of trousers are essential for your Spring wardrobe. They are that little bit more shorter cut around the ankle, but sit perfectly. On the high street we are seeing a lot of bold colours and prints which gives you a great option to dress up or down. These trousers can also be brought straight through to the Summer as well.

Cigarette leg trousers- These trousers are a great piece to carry as they are a little bit more comfortable and casual, but when worn right can be smart enough for the office.

Printed tops – Having a few different printed tops in your wardrobe is the perfect way to jazz up your Spring basics.

Cotton blouse – A cotton blouse is a great little piece to have. Again, the high street carries these type blouses in an array of styles and colours, so you are sure to get your hands on one! They are perfect for Spring as they give you great coverage but remain nice and airy! 

Blazer – The blazer! Everyone should have a blazer in their wardrobe, it goes without saying! 

Summer wear essentials – 

A strapless bra – It is one thing that I absolutely hate! Seeing someone wearing a lovely top and then two big bra straps hanging out! Strapless bras were made to be worn girls!!! And while we are on the topic of bras, please invest in a black, nude and white bra, there is also nothing worse than seeing someone with a white top on and a black bra underneath!! Just NO!

A swimming suit or bikini – Wheather your holidaying at home or away you are going to need a bathing suit! I would recommend investing in a good one which fits well and has good support. I purchased two very good bikinis about two years ago, which are a perfect fit as I have a bigger bust, and they are still perfect to this day! 

Shorts – It’s Summer time – the hottest time of the year, spending a little extra on a good pair of shorts will do your wardrobe justice, as a good pair are essential. 

Flip flops and sandals- Flip flops and sandals are essential for your Summer wardrobe. Investing in a good supportive pair of flip flops will benefit you in the long run in terms of support for the feet. If your like me and live in flip flops from the start of summer until the beginning of Autumn then a good pair is a must!

Sandals are great as you can wear them with almost everything during Summer. They work well paired with jeans, shorts, cropped trousers and even skirts. 

Sunglasses – Firstly, there is no need to spend hundreds on a pair of sunglasses!  Sunglasses were made for one reason and one reason only – to protect your eyes from UV sun rays, basically so you won’t be blinded!!! Once your sunglasses have UV protection – you’re good to go! 

White jeans – White jeans have made such a strong appearance on the high street this year. They are now available in a wide range of styles which look great with almost everything and are essential for your Summer wardrobe! 

High heels sandals – Having a certain pair of heels for Summer would be a great idea. I would recommend going for a nude colour as they will go with everything, or bold colours to work around colour blocking.

So guys and gals, they are my top essential pieces that you should keep in your wardrobe to carry you through each season. I hope you have enjoyed this post and have found it useful! 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment or get in contact! 

Stay fabulous all!

The Style Shaper x 
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