The Style Shaper reviews – Cosmecology cleanser and matt moisturising cream  

Hi everyone!

It’s Thursday, which means the weekend is upon us, and I have the perfect read for you all on some recent products which I purchased at Sam McCauleys beauticians. One question I have been asked a lot recently was my skin care routine and what products I am using, so I have decided to write up a review on two which I have been using the past few weeks.

I recently found myself running out of my favourite Guinot cleanser which I have reviewed previously and I also wanted to find a product which would help control the oils in my skin. 

I decided to visit the lovely ladies in Sam McCauleys in the hope of finding the perfect face cream which would help control my skin along with a cleansing lotion.

Chatting with beauty therapist Trudie, she introduced me to a range called Cosmecology Paris, which is actually made by Guinot and is for younger skin types. The Cosmecology range is also that bit cheaper than the Guinot products themselves which is a huge plus! 

The two products I purchased were the Cosmecology Clean Skin Milk, and the Cosmecology Matt Skin mattifying face cream which I have pictured down below. I have been using them for the past few weeks as I wanted to give it a while before reviewing both as to give my honest opinion. 


Cosmecology Clean Skin Milk – 

The Clean Skin Milk is a skin cleanser which is perfect for all skin types. It removes make up immediately along with gently cleansing the face. This cleansing milk in particular has rose extract which I also loved as it has fantastic properties. Rose extract is known for moisturising and softening the skin due to the natural sugar compounds present in it.

I have to say, this cleanser is fantastic. It melts away make up, eye make up and leaves your skin feeling amazingly soft and clean. It is creamy in texture, white in colour and smells fantastic. 

Applying the cleansing milk – 

I like to apply the cleansing milk all over the face, then take dampened cotton pads to remove it.


Cosmecology Matt Skin mattifying face cream – 

The Matt Skin face cream is the product I decided on as my skin had become quite oily and my pores more prominent. This mattifying face cream works on balancing excess sebum and mattifies and purifies the skin, along with tightening the pores.

This face cream in particular has burdock extract which works on oily skin due to its purifying, balancing and antibacterial properties. 

This cream has honestly worked wonders on my skin! Since I first started using the cream, my skin feels balanced and a lot less oily. My pores have also tightened around my cheeks. It is quite light in terms of texture and spreads evenly. 


Other products available from the Cosmecology range – 

As the above cleanser is for all skin types, the moisturising cream is especially for oily skin. Cosmecology have a complete range for whatever skin type you may be, whether it’s oily skin or dry skin, there is a cream for you! Cosmecology also have a range of hair, body and skin products to choose from!

So guys and gals, I hope you have enjoyed this review on the two Cosmecology products I have been using and will continue to use as I am very impressed with them. 

If you have any questions regarding the products or my skin care routine, you can contact me on here, on Facebook (The Style Shaper), on my Instagram (Jennifer_carolan21) or directly by email! 

Stay fabulous as always,


🍁Zara Winter Warmers🍁 – The New Collection 

Hello guys and gals, a very happy Sunday to you all!  

So as I spent my Saturday night in (unfortunately) I decided to have a sneak peak at the new winter collection from none other than Zara. I have to say Zara is by far one of my favourite shops, their collections are always so sleek and classy with that little extra edge, and great for staples. I think that no matter when you go in, you will always manage to pick up something!

During this post, I decided to focus solely on the new collection which is mainly the new pieces available for autumn/winter.

Keep scrolling to see all the beautiful bags, shoes, boots, co-ords and coats available from Zara now! 

Bags –

This bag reminds me of a cross between the classic Chanel bag and a Stella McCartney bag. The colour and print are fab and not to mention the distinctive chain detail. Just fab! 

Suede being huge this winter, these smaller clutches are bang on trend with colour pallet, fringing and texture.

Again another beautiful shoulder bag, this one includes a fine unique print and a more subtle chain detail which will carry you right though autumn.

Ohhh I love these two little beauties. The colours just scream winter! 

Footwear – 

Ok, so I know clogs are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but I like them, they are quite different if you ask me!

Oh hello gorgeous gold heels! They are gold, strappy and all you could want in a shoe!

A lot of high street stores have brought out their own version of the ballet pump this season. These themed with a shift dress would be perfect.

I have a secret obsession with not only ankle boots, but with the cowboy styled ones! These are just gorgeous! 

How fab are they😍 Zara you are doing great so far!! Just look at that heel detail – stunning. 

Saving the best shoe for last! I don’t even think they need words! 

Skirts and co-ords –   
I posted a fringed leather skirt to my Facebook and Instagram from River Island which I loved, but I think this one has stolen my heart – suede, fringed and fabulous.

I quite liked this two piece when I seen it first. I think it would be fab for a wedding – like how different?! (Obviously changing the choice of shoe)!!! 

I loved the subtlety of this co-ord. The cut is so sleek and the pattern is to die for!

This is by far my FAVOURITE!!!! How easy would it be to wear these two pieces separately?! 

I think a staple piece for this winter is definitely a suede skirt or jacket and here’s both! I have been keeping an eye at the high street collections coming into stores and all of them are carrying suede pieces especially skirts and shift dresses. This dark burnt colour is also bang on trend.

Coats and jackets – 

The sleeveless jacket is everywhere at the minute. It has been taken from summer straight to winter with a change of colour, cut and heavier fabric and I am loving every minute of it! 

I loved the simplicity of this coat. The colour is perfect and would match with almost every winter colour pallet.

This off-white coat is the perfect piece to wear as a casual look, or easy to dress up if heading out and about! 

So everyone they are my picks from the Zara new winter collection. I hope you have enjoyed and got some inspiration for your winter wardrobe! 

Stay fabulous,


The Style Shaper Winter Picks – ‘Coats and Capes’ from River Island 

Hello Everyone💕

Happy Fri-yay🌟  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend💕

The last few days I have been lusting over some absolutely fabulous winter pieces from the high street. To say River Island have got it in the bag yet again would be an understatement as their collection for Autumn/Winter is stunning! 

Let’s face it, Ireland is going to be freezing as always so I thought I would focus solely on coats, capes and also the sleeveless jacket as they are making a huge appearance in most high street collections for winter. 

Here are my favourite coats and capes from River Island which I think you will all love, also don’t hate me because I am showing you winter pieces!! I know we haven’t even got our summer yet🙈☺️

 How STUNNING are these sleeveless trench jackets? They remind me of something Kim K would wear! I love the burnt orange colour which would be fab over a shirt or blouse. If you wanted to go for a more casual look, this over a long tee would work great. They come in at €100, but are a timeless piece to keep in your wardrobe to carry you through the changeable seasons.

I’m a sucker when it comes to light colours and pastel shades. Both types here carry a beautiful faux fur collar which is an added bonus if you ask me! Fur has become so popular for winter in the last few years and these two pieces are just perfect! The beige sleeveless gilet comes in at €65, which I don’t think is that bad for a beautiful piece, and the grey ribbed jacket comes in at €73.

Let’s just take a minute………….. How fab is this brown belted shearling jacket? I think it looks so expensive and cape like! This one comes in at €80, which I had to look at twice as I thought it would cost a hell of a lot more!! The black one beside it is also a bit of a bargain at €60 which again you wouldn’t think for such a sleek looking jacket. Both are belted, the black one being sleeveless.

FUR AND FEATHER ALERT (faux that is)

I love both of these gilets. The first one being that little bit more daring and out there, the one to the right is more gentle in terms of its beige colour and overall appearance. The beige gilet is actually feathers, and does look quite fur like which comes in at €87. The brown faux fur gilet is that bit more expensive and comes in at €90! 

I mentioned this grey half fur sleeveless jacket on my Instagram and Facebook page recently! I think it’s so smart, but also bang on trend. It comes in at a whopping €100, but I definitely think it’s worth the price tag! To the left is a great jersey longline sleeveless jacket which would be so simple to dress either up or down. It comes in at €73, but you could also purchase a less expensive faux fur collar and place it around the neck area to change up your look.


Love these two coats. You honestly can’t go wrong with black or black and white! Both pieces will work incredibly well whether it’s dressing a look up or down. The black and white one I noticed has just come back into stock so there has obviously been a huge demand for it – it comes in at €67 which is fantastic for a River Island coat! It also carries a beautiful faux leather look collar for that extra little effect. The black crombie coat comes in at €120 which is that little bit more pricey, but for a classic piece you couldn’t go wrong! 

Cape loving!!! Check out these star buys. I have to say I am loving capes at the minute! I purchased one already and have it sitting ready to be worn! These two again are quite different in terms of price as to the right is a brown laser cut fringed suede one which comes in at €127 and the black faux suede leather look one which comes in at €55. Both I think are stunning, it just depends on what you want to spend on a piece.

I couldn’t leave without a little bit of leather! Just look at them!! A leather jacket is an essential piece to carry in your wardrobe! 

Now I have to put my hands up and say there is a huge price difference between the two of these leather jackets. I honestly thought the one with the fur would come in a lot more pricier but I was wrong! Yes, one is 100% leather and the other a leather-look jacket! 

To the right – a leather look jacket with a removable faux fur collar which comes in at €87

To the left – a fitted 100% leather biker jacket which comes in at €160 – but don’t let the price tag scare you as you will have a leather jacket forever!

So guys and gals, they are my fave picks from the River Island new season collection for winter. I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak at them!
All of the above items are available online at and I am sure will be appearing in your nearest store soon! 

Stay Fab all, 




💄Recent bargain beauty buys💄

 Hello everyone💕Happy Wednesday!!! 

I can’t believe we are mid week already!

So, over the weekend I purchased a few little bits at Sam McCauleys chemist which I am made up with and which have had a great reaction over on my Instgram (jennifer_carolan21) and Facebook (The Style Shaper) pages. 

I thought I would show you all what I purchased along with a little review of them all just so you know what they are like if you are thinking of picking up a few new beauty products.

I always love to find a dupe or the closest thing to a product if one exists, so here are my recent beauty buys!💄

The ‘Beautiful Brows’ brow kit

This definitely had to be one of the best buys! Reduced from a whopping €45 down to an amazing €9.99 how could you leave it right? 

Brows have become such a prominent part of the face recently and also one of the main areas of the face which people focus on while applying make up and completing the entire look. 

This kit literally has everything you need for filling in your brows. 

Each compact contains:

  • Your preferred eyebrow colour powder
  • Three different eyebrow shapes/stencils
  • A duo application brush
  • An eyebrow highlighter
  • A highlighting brush
  • A soft grip tweezers (which are amazing)
  • A magnifying mirror for application 

You can also match the powder to the colour of you hair and complexion of the skin. The colours to choose from include:

  • Black – for black hair
  • Slate – for blonde, silver and red hair with a fair skin tone
  • Dark brown – for medium to dark brunettes 
  • Light brown – for for darker and red hair
  • Chocolate – for very dark brunettes 

I decided on the dark brown colour as I am quite dark in terms of hair colour and skin tone and I can say it matches perfectly! Whoooo finally perfectly shaped brows😍

The ‘Real Techniques’ miracle complexion sponge

I decided to pick this up and try it out as I have always wanted to try it out but could never bring myself to pay €8 for a little sponge😂 So, when this was reduced to €5.99 I said I’d bring it and give it a go! 

I was a little bit sceptical at first as I have always used brushes to blend my make up and apply concealer but this has literally changed my life!!! It is fantastic for blending both, as due to the rounded sides it enables you to blend larger areas of the face and has a precision tip for covering blemishes and imperfections on the face. 



The ‘Technic’ make up brushes

So firstly I want to say these brushes are NOT the same make/brand as the Real Techniques brushes! 

They are a cheaper brand of brushes which range in price from €2 to €5!!! Like how amazing is that? Now I am no make up artist so some of you may think they are crap but I really like them! 

When I posted the picture to Instagram and Facebook I hadn’t tried them out, but over the weekend I got the chance to try them and I have to say I think they are great! The actual brush hair is so soft but at the same time has give in it, I also haven’t had any hair as of yet come out while applying product. 

I picked up a blusher brush, slanted blusher brush, eyeshadow brush and a smoky eye brush which is double ended and my fave! 


The W7 ‘Absolute lashes’ mascara

Who doesn’t love a good old dupe? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I seen this! It even looks the exact same as the benefit ‘they’re real’ mascara which may I add is my all time fave mascara! 

When I spotted this I had to pick it up and try it out! The packaging is nearly identical to the benefit mascara along with the brush applicator. 

I used this over the weekend on two people and found it brilliant, I also used it on my bottom lashes as I can’t on my top lashes due to my individual ones on and it was great! 

This mascara came in at €4.75 compared to the benefit one which is a whopping €26, yes that is quite a difference! A must buy if you ask me! 


Essence products

I picked up a few little bits from Essence cosmetics. The gel effect nail polish which is great and amazing for its price, the quick and easy sponge nail polish remover, a studio nails banana shape file and a sharpener. All of these products were no more than €4 which you can’t go wrong with! 

So guys and gals they are the pieces I picked up over the weekend, I hope you have enjoyed that little read and hopefully it has answered any questions you may have had when I posted the products! 
Stay fab all, 

The Style Shaper x 

My dental treatment with Tour Medical, Kusadasi, Turkey

Hello everyone! 

So as you all know I visited Kusadasi in Turkey, for a little holiday but my main reason was to have my teeth done FINALLY!!!!

For those who don’t know me, I can’t even begin to explain how much I have wanted this done and for so so long! My nearest and dearest were pretty much sick of me complaining about my teeth and on the 1st March 2015 I finally made the move! 

Research into dental work abroad

I did quite a lot of research into dental treatment abroad as Ireland is ridiculous in terms of price when it comes to getting any sort of dental treatment done. I looked into different places including Northern Ireland, England, Poland, Budapest and then Turkey! 

I came across ‘Tour Medical’ in Kusadasi Turkey while researching online one day and decided to send a quick email explaining how I felt, what I wanted done etc. I then received a lovely mail back from the beautiful Majella, who is Irish herself and is the organiser for the dental trips for anyone interested in going. 

Majella consulted with the cosmetic dentist, Elcin, and decided on a treatment plan which would be best suited for me and which more importantly one which I was happy with in terms of the work and also price.

Heading abroad for dental treatment

Now, I know one thing that is playing on everyone’s minds right now is the fact of going abroad and leaving your own surroundings to have treatment done! I was too, and if I had of had a blog post to refer to it would have been fantastic, hence why I am doing this for you all! 

Now that I can speak from experience if I had to get up in the morning and go through the whole experience again, I would without one single thought!

I think one thing to remember is that Turkey is well known for fantastic dental work.

So here is my theory – 

Why would I pay thousands upon thousands of euro here in Ireland to have my teeth done when:

  • I can visit beautiful Turkey
  • Have a well deserved holiday
  • Experience Turkey 
  • See this historic sites
  • Visit the beautiful beaches
  • AND come home with your dream smile after having the best of the best cosmetic work done 😍 and all for a fraction of the price it is here in Ireland? 

Seems quite silly doesn’t it?

Planning my dental treatment and trip
As I mentioned previously above, I sent a quick email to the Tour Medical team explaining my situation on the 1st March 2015 (which I can still remember) and being honest I didn’t expect a reply as quick or a reply which was so informative. 

Majella, who is the organiser of the dental holiday trips, got in contact with me within a few hours of sending the email. Majella explained to me about the dental holiday, what it was about, how treatment would be done and answered every single question I had which was brilliant. Being Irish herself, Majella has been in Turkey for quite a number of years and is married to a complete gentleman, Omar. Omar is the driver for the clinic and picks you up and drops you off for all your appointments with the dentist. 

Getting in touch with me that evening, Majella and myself began chatting about what exactly I wanted done in regards of treatment and the price range which I had. I sent pictures of my teeth and described what exactly I hoped for. Majella consulted with Elcin who is the owner, head dentist and also the cosmetic dentist of the clinic. We arranged a plan which I was extremely happy with and also arranged a date for when I would arrive in Kusadasi, Turkey for my treatment.

My trip 

Within the three months of talking and arranging my trip, I finally flew from Dublin to Kusadasi for my treatment on the 20th of June 2015. From the moment I sent the email in March to my arrival date in Turkey, Majella and I talked almost every week, texting and talking on the phone to each other ensuring the trip and treatment was all planned correctly. I sent pictures and also a 3D X-ray of my mouth and teeth to finalise my plan for when I arrived. 

I arrived in Kusadasi on the Saturday evening of the 20th June around 4.30pm Turkish time, and Majella and Omar picked me up from our beautiful hotel, The Palmin Sunset Plaza at about 5.30pm for my first visit to the dentist. (I know, no time like the present) It was also so lovely to finally meet Majella after speaking for so long! 

 The dental clinic

Firstly I just want to say WOW to the clinic itself! It is stunning and would honestly put dental clinics to shame here in Ireland. The cleanliness is just outstanding, and put me quite at ease when I arrived first. My cosmetic dentist Elcin was just fantastic and has been perfecting her work for the last 13 years. All of the staff were so lovely and not to mention always had a smile on their faces when I walked in. 

The clinic itself is the largest and most high-tec clinic in Kusadasi. It has three separate treatment rooms which are equipped with the most up to date instruments and equipment, including the best dental chairs (Athos A9) which are the most hygienic and are designed to minimise contamination. Each chair is equipped with a DVD player and a LCD TV which also displays your X-ray.

The clinic follows strict protocol in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. Each person must wear shoe coverings when they enter the clinic until the time they leave. 

The clinic also has a therapy room if you feel you may need to relax before or after your treatment.

All areas carry beautiful soothing decor, surround sound systems and air conditioning. 

Here are pictures of the clinics


My treatment plan

When I arrived at the dental clinic, I was greeted so nicely by all of the staff. I was then brought in for an X-ray and showed to one of three treatment rooms which may I just add are stunning! I was sitting in the dental chair over looking the sea and beach through the ceiling to floor glass windows, it was breathtaking and not what you would expect at all! 

My X-Rays were displayed on a huge screen and from that, Elcin was able to see exactly what needed to be done along with an examination of my mouth. My budget for the treatment was €5000, so working with that, this was what my treatment plan included:

  • 12 Zirconium Crowns
  • 3 bridges 
  • 4 extractions
  • 2 fillings
  • 4 fillings replaced – old black fillings replaced with white fillings
  • 3 root canal treatments
  • Teeth whitening using the best “Zoom” equipment

This treatment was done within the week, and was achieved so perfectly. I began my treatment on the Saturday evening when I arrived which included having all of my impressions done and having my top teeth prepared for the Zirconium crowns.

Now if any of you are wondering, the clinic does offer Porcelain crowns which are cheaper in terms of price. The reason I went for the Zirconium crowns was because they actually last a lot longer, will never stain, but most importantly are so natural looking and are stronger due to being made with Zirconium. 

Throughout the week I had all of the above treatment done, I honestly can’t remember what I had done each day because it all seemed to roll into one! I was never more than 3 hours in the dentist each day which was fantastic because I still had the whole day, evening and night to soak up the sun, explore Kusadasi and of course more importantly go shopping!! I spent 5 days in total in the dentist, with two days off in order to let certain areas of my mouth heal.

Preparation for the Zirconium crowns

The preparation for the Zirconium crowns included having the whole area numbed with local anaesthetic, then my teeth were shaved at each side in order for my new crowns to be fitted on to my own tooth. Before this was done I had a number of impressions done. When my front teeth had been prepared for the crowns along with a smaller area at the bottom left of my mouth, a plastic impression of my old teeth was made as a guard for all the world! This was to protect these areas for the week and also so I could look half normal walking around!!😉

In terms of eating for the week, yes it was hard! I’m not going to lie! Now not because I was in pain, I was never in huge pain which I will talk about in a moment, but it was hard to eat with the plastic impression on my prepared teeth because as it was just a temporary cover, it didn’t line up with my bottom teeth when I bit down which was a little bit annoying but look it was only for a week!!! 

I also had three bridges included in my treatment. Some of you are probably wondering what that is! 

So because I had three teeth removed which would have been seen if I were to smile big, Elcin decided that a bridge would be the best option. What this is is a tooth which is actually connected to my crown and acts as a tooth basically! Bridges were probably the most expensive part of my treatment, and which I hope to have replaced with dental implants in the future as Elcin has said it would be a better option as the symmetry of my mouth and smile will look a lot better (even though I love how it looks now) 

Extractions, root canal treatment and fillings.

Ok, so when anyone hears the words ‘extraction’ or ‘root canal’ you  automatically get a big “ohhhh no not that” Now why this is I have no idea, obviously because they had a bad experience or so on. I can tell you now and this is no word of a lie, I did not feel a thing while having my three root canals done, which included one in my front tooth, a double one on my bottom back left tooth, and also a very deep one on the top left back tooth! 

I also had four extractions done, three of which now have bridges in place of them, the other extraction was a back tooth on the top right of my mouth. 

I had all of my old black fillings replaced with white fillings and also had a tiny little white filling done in a front side tooth, (I didn’t have to be numbed for it because it was that small!), I also had a small white filling in my left wisdom tooth. 

Teeth whitening with Philips ‘Zoom’ 

So as my bottom teeth were perfect, I didn’t want to touch them, and also Elcin agreed that whitening them would be the best option. I then got my Zirconium crowns matched with my own teeth after the whitening was complete (1 hour) in terms of colour to make them as natural looking as possible. 

The big question – Did it hurt?

I can honestly say that the only little bit of pain I had was after I had one of the teeth extracted and the numbness was gone. The area where I had the anaesthetic put in my gum was tender, but nothing a painkiller didn’t relieve. After that there wasn’t much!

I was treated using local anaesthetic for all of my work during the week and didn’t feel a thing! Elcin and the assistant nurse were incredible, if I needed a break, or felt that I could feel any of the work being done they were straight on it! 

The result

On Friday the 26th June I was finally brought in to have my crowns fitted!! To say I was excited would be a complete understatement as my treatment would be complete and I could finally smile! 

This is what my Zirconium crowns and bridges looked like after being made in the lab during the week



Before and after

So a lot of you have mentioned on my Instagram that you would like to see before and after pictures! Honestly it was very hard for me to find before pictures as I never smiled! But I wanted you all to see the difference, so here they are.

This first picture shows my teeth before, during while wearing the plastic impressions and then finished when my crowns were made and fitted.



Contact – 

If you are interested in having any sort of dental treatment done with Tour Medical in Kusadasi, Turkey, simply head over to;

Or call;

  • 00353 (0) 12542137
  • 0044 (0) 20813371
  • 0031 208932118


I honestly don’t even know where to start! 

– To Majella, I know you will be reading this, so firstly I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You will never really know how much this has meant to me. You were there from the beginning, and stuck with me through the whole experience even answered all my questions which I’m sure drained you!😉 Your such a beautiful person from the inside and out!  And not to mention you were like a true Irish mammy to me when I was over!!☺️❤️ 

 – To Omar, you are a complete gentleman and such a lovely kind hearted person. Thank you for all my little trips throughout the week.

– To Elcin, you should be so so proud of your work and your clinic. It is an absolutely amazing achievement. You are a fantastic dentist, cosmetic dentist and a truly lovely person who puts so much love into their work because it really shows. Elcin, I can’t thank you enough for the amazing work and treatment you done for me. 

You have finally made me smile, and I won’t stop❤️ 

To any of you out there who may be reading this and hoping to have treatment done, GO FOR IT!!! It was the best thing I have ever done!

I hope that in some way I have helped you! If anyone has any questions at all, no matter small or big, please please do not hesitate to ask because I know that if I had of had someone to talk with who has went through the treatment it would have been a huge help. 

You can contact me directly by email – (, on my Facebook (The Style Shaper), or through Instagram (jennifer_carolan21).

Guys and dolls, I am so happy to finally share my dental journey and hopefully it has helped at least one person! 

Stay fabulous as alway,

Sending lots of smiles😀,


The Style Shaper x

🌴Holiday look book🌴 ~ Kusadasi Turkey

A huge hello to all you beauties💋

Apologies for the delay on this post. Unfortunately due to a little set back I was unable to blog, but I’m happy to say I’m back!!!

If you are following my Instagram (Jennifer_carolan21) you will have seen that recently I visited the beautiful Kusadasi which is a very popular holiday destination in Turkey. I asked the question wheather you would all like to see another holiday look book and the answer was yes!!! 

I do apologise in advance for the lack of effort in this look book as some days I was not up to dressing up for the simple reason that I was actually in Turkey having my teeth done which I also surprised a lot of you with on my Instagram! (Full dental blog post will be live soon) 

✈️Airport ready✈️

 Jeans – Penneys/Primark

Espadrilles – River Island 

Shirt – Zara (sale)

Bag – DKNY 

Passport case – Cath Kidston 

🍸Evening look🍸

Dress – Penneys/Primark 

Embellished wedges – Penneys/Primark 

Bag – DKNY 

Neckpiece – Zara (sale)

☀️Day look☀️

 This was one of the days we went to the market! My face is pretty swelled as I had a lot of work done the day previous! 

Play suit – Penneys/Primark (last year)

Sandles – Forever21

Tassel bag – Penneys/Primark 

🎀Evening look🎀

 I love love love this top! It’s from Penneys of course and is just fab! It has two long slits up the side which adds that little extra detail.

Top – Penneys/Primark 

Denim shorts – New look

Sandles – Forever21

Black tassel bag – Penneys/Primark 

Long gold and blue chain – Penneys/Primark 

☀️Day look☀️


I have to say, this little dress was the best thing I ever bought! I literally wore it everyday to the pool and around the resort. It was so handy just to throw on during the day and be comfy at the same time.

Dress – Penneys/Primark 

Flip flops – Penneys/Primark 

Bikini bag – Penneys/Primark 

Bikini – H&M 

🍸Evening look🍸

Oh I remember this day like it was yesterday! I had so much work done in the dentist that day to the point I shed a tear out of pure self sorrow! So dressing up was not on my agenda! 

Shorts – New look

Sandles – Forever21

Black crop top – Penneys/Primark

Chain – Penneys/Primark 

White long kimono – Minx Carlow

Black tassel bag – Penneys/Primark 

🌴Day look🌴

I actually found this buried in a suitcase with the tags still on it! It’s from Penneys/Primark, but from when is a good question! I thought the colours and pattern were fab so I decided to throw it in for a change during the day! 

🌸Evening look🌸


Cullottes – Penneys/Primark 

Shoes – Penneys/Primark 

Top – Market in Turkey (€10)

Chain – Penneys/Primark 

Pink fluffy bag – River Island

🍸Evening look🍸

 I have to say, this was one of my favourite looks! So many people have asked about the trousers and I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint! 

Top – Penneys/Primark 

Trousers – Market in Turkey (€5)

Neckpiece – Zara (sale)

Wedges – Penneys/Primark 

Bag – DKNY  

🌴Evening look🌴

This was our last night in beautiful Kusadasi! 

Dress – Penneys/Primark

Shoes – Penneys/Primark 

Neckpiece- Penneys/Primark 

Bag – DKNY  

So guys and gals they are my looks from Kusadasi! I know they weren’t very thought out, I kind of dressed to how I was feeling! 

I am in the process of writing a complete in dept post about my dental treatment at Tour Medical in Turkey, and I will let you know when it has gone live, so keep an eye out over on my Instagram and Facebook pages!

I have also had a few people ask about the hotel which we stayed in. It was called the Palmin Sunset Plaza and was just fabulous! Talking to a few people over there, it was by far one of the nicer hotels. The rooms, hotel, facilities, staff, food and entertainment team were superb and we didn’t have one thing to complain about!

Stay fab all, 

The Style Shaper x

The Style Shaper – Wardrobe Essentials for all seasons

Hello everyone!

I have asked in previous posts on my Instagram page (jennifer_carolan21) what you the readers would like to see on my blog. After some lovely messages and suggestions this next post was one that a lot of you have asked for. 

I am going to share with you all the classic pieces which I feel are essential in your everyday wardrobe and which will without a doubt get you through each day, wheather it’s for work, an event, or just casual wear!

So, here’s a little bit of fashionably light reading for on this sunny Sunday! 

Enjoy x

For every season – 

Black and white tank top – I think this one goes without saying! Tank tops are great, wheather its for the gym, casual wear, or even to dress up with a pair of jeans you will definitely get wear from these.

Black and white short sleeved t-shirt – Again, another staple piece in your wardrobe should be tees. A simple black or white t-shirt with jeans and a tailored blazer can look effortlessly chic.

White button down shirt – I think this is the one item you certainly need in your wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with a plain and simple button down shirt. It can be dressed up or down to create an effortless look. Invest in a good white shirt as this is without a doubt a timeless piece for your wardrobe.

A cardigan – If you like to wear cardigans, go for ones that are neutral in colour so that you can mix and match with different looks. Also when purchasing, go for a cardigan that sits at the hip, as this flatters almost all shapes.

Black dress – The ‘LBD’ as we like to call it! Girls, you need a little black dress in that wardrobe, it is a nessesity and staple piece! We all know to well that if all else fails, you will have that perfect ‘LBD’ on stand by! 

A pencil skirt – I would advise carrying a pencil skirt in your wardrobe. It is a classic and timeless piece that when tailored perfectly, will make such a statement. 

Jeans – We all have a pair of jeans, or if your like me, a hundred pairs!! But one mistake people make while buying a pair of jeans is that they almost 100% of the time are not the right shape or fit. Check out my post on shapes and how to dress for your shape to see which pair will suit you best! 

Jackets – A jacket is essential all year round, and as we know in Ireland, we could have four seasons in one day!

A Denim jacket is always good to keep in your wardrobe, it again is a timeless piece and we are seeing a lot of denim coming back into season so root it out ladies and keep it at the top of your pile!  

A shorter cropped jacket is also a nice piece to have as it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion or where you want to wear it. Again, if you read my recent post on how to update your wardrobe without spending a penny, you will have seen how to jazz up those jackets! 

A rain mac – I know, not so fabulous! But unfortunately with our weather, you have to keep that mac out! The best bit here is that there are so many high street stores stocking mac’s now a days, that you are sure to pick up a stylish one to take you through the seasons!

Simple flat shoes – Keeping a nice flat shoe like a ballerina flat in a black, nude and a brown colour is a must for your wardrobe. You will wear them, trust me! 

Black shoes – A black pair of any kind are a must in your wardrobe! They are the go-to shoe wheather it’s for work or play!

Converse – I think we all own a pair of these bad boys! I had to stick these in as they have become part of the furniture at this stage! I have noticed a lot of working women wearing these while on there way to the office before changing into their heels, which I think is a brilliant idea, but also they are the go-to runner for everyday and may I add, the comfiest shoe EVER!!!

Evening heels – I think one shoe that can be worked through every season is the court shoe. So simple, classy and a staple for your wardrobe season after season. Investing in a good quality pair is essential.

Autumn wear essentials – 

Waterproof coat – Yes, Autumn means it’s closer to Winter, which unfortunately means rain! A waterproof coat is essential for travelling, and if theamed with a pair of jeans it can look great! 

Trench coat – A wardrobe classic! I love trench coats for Autumn time. They are classy, versatile and always bang on trend. This is a definite staple for your wardrobe, and best if in a black, nude or the khaki colour range as this colour pallet will go with almost everything!

A sleeveless vest jacket – I think that when coming into Autumn, it’s not quite cold enough for a full on fluffy coat! A sleeveless vest jacket is the perfect item for this time of year and a must have for your wardrobe! Throw this on over a long sleeved black, white or coloured top and you will be singing!

Flat ankle and knee-high boots – A pair of ankle boots are a must have for your wardrobe! Whether it’s casual wear or a dressier look you want to go for, ankle boots will work wonders for both. Knee-high boots are great with skirts in Autumn and Winter time.

Leather jacket – A leather jacket is a must have item for both your wardrobe and  Autumn. It is a style staple in my eyes and can now be found so easily on the high street at affordable prices.

Winter wear essentials – 

Knitwear – Knitwear is essential for Winter time. Heavy chunky jumpers are a great wardrobe staple along with being stylish and comfortable.

Dark coloured jeans- Jeans which are a dark wash or black in colour are a must have to bring you through the season. Black jeans are also essential for your wardrobe.

Long sleeved tops – Long sleeved tops are great during winter. Penny’s/Primark always do a fantastic range in an array of colours. These under a vest coat or gillet are perfect.

A turtle neck jumper – I love turtle neck jumpers, and last winter they made a fabulous come back on the high street. They are so easy to pair with jeans but make a fantastic statement, along with being lovely and cosy!

Winter coat – A winter coat is an all time must have piece for your wardrobe. I would recommend investing in a classic, timeless coat that you will have for a long time.

Spring wear essentials – 

Cropped trousers – These type of trousers are essential for your Spring wardrobe. They are that little bit more shorter cut around the ankle, but sit perfectly. On the high street we are seeing a lot of bold colours and prints which gives you a great option to dress up or down. These trousers can also be brought straight through to the Summer as well.

Cigarette leg trousers- These trousers are a great piece to carry as they are a little bit more comfortable and casual, but when worn right can be smart enough for the office.

Printed tops – Having a few different printed tops in your wardrobe is the perfect way to jazz up your Spring basics.

Cotton blouse – A cotton blouse is a great little piece to have. Again, the high street carries these type blouses in an array of styles and colours, so you are sure to get your hands on one! They are perfect for Spring as they give you great coverage but remain nice and airy! 

Blazer – The blazer! Everyone should have a blazer in their wardrobe, it goes without saying! 

Summer wear essentials – 

A strapless bra – It is one thing that I absolutely hate! Seeing someone wearing a lovely top and then two big bra straps hanging out! Strapless bras were made to be worn girls!!! And while we are on the topic of bras, please invest in a black, nude and white bra, there is also nothing worse than seeing someone with a white top on and a black bra underneath!! Just NO!

A swimming suit or bikini – Wheather your holidaying at home or away you are going to need a bathing suit! I would recommend investing in a good one which fits well and has good support. I purchased two very good bikinis about two years ago, which are a perfect fit as I have a bigger bust, and they are still perfect to this day! 

Shorts – It’s Summer time – the hottest time of the year, spending a little extra on a good pair of shorts will do your wardrobe justice, as a good pair are essential. 

Flip flops and sandals- Flip flops and sandals are essential for your Summer wardrobe. Investing in a good supportive pair of flip flops will benefit you in the long run in terms of support for the feet. If your like me and live in flip flops from the start of summer until the beginning of Autumn then a good pair is a must!

Sandals are great as you can wear them with almost everything during Summer. They work well paired with jeans, shorts, cropped trousers and even skirts. 

Sunglasses – Firstly, there is no need to spend hundreds on a pair of sunglasses!  Sunglasses were made for one reason and one reason only – to protect your eyes from UV sun rays, basically so you won’t be blinded!!! Once your sunglasses have UV protection – you’re good to go! 

White jeans – White jeans have made such a strong appearance on the high street this year. They are now available in a wide range of styles which look great with almost everything and are essential for your Summer wardrobe! 

High heels sandals – Having a certain pair of heels for Summer would be a great idea. I would recommend going for a nude colour as they will go with everything, or bold colours to work around colour blocking.

So guys and gals, they are my top essential pieces that you should keep in your wardrobe to carry you through each season. I hope you have enjoyed this post and have found it useful! 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment or get in contact! 

Stay fabulous all!

The Style Shaper x 
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My top ten Summer dresses under €50!

Hello guys and gals! 

Well I’m almost finished my holiday shopping. I’ve picked up different bits and pieces here and there over the past few weeks which have just compleaty added up, and I have no idea where or when I will wear them, but I’m sure they will be worn at some stage!!!

While shopping out and about and online I seen such gorgeous pieces, especially dresses which were all under €50, so as my little present to you I am going to share with you my top ten Summer dresses that are all under €50 which I think is fantastic! 

So here we go, I hope you enjoy this post and find that perfect Summer time dress wheather it’s for holidays away or the festival season.

Missguided – €39.20

First up is this gorgeous peach colour, drop hem Summer dress from Missguided. I loved this when I seen it first as you could without a doubt dress it up or down! This would be perfect with flats/flatforms during the day, and could be worn compleaty different with heels/wedges for night time with a statment piece of jewllery. I Love this little dress! (It also reminds me of the Victoria Beckham dress) Big thumbs up!!! 


New look – €22.99

We all need a floral dress in our Summer wardrobe. I thought this one was perfect! The shape is stunning and the colours are bang on trend. Again, you could pair this with flip flops or wedged sandals to take it from day to night.


Forever 21 – €22.00

We all have or need a maxi dress in our wardrobe, and when I first seen this box pleated maxi dress, I thought it looked so effortless, so chic, and just so pretty. This dress really is a steal at just €22! Themed with a pair of gladiator sandles it will take you right through the Summer season. 


Dunnes stores – €18.00

This double layer dress from Dunnes Stores is the perfect little summer dress. This dress comes in two different prints and would be ideal for the beach or could be worn during the day with flats or at night time with a kimono and wedged sandals. Also if you wanted, a high rise pair of gladiators would be spot on! 

Forever 21 – €22.00

The LBD. This little black beauty is perfect for summer time. When I seen this first I immediately thought ‘festival’. Again, this themed with sandals for Summer wear, or peep toed ankle boots for a festival would be bang on trend.


Missguided – €42.00

You can’t go wrong with a white dress in the Summer. This white cheesecloth crochet front semi-sheer swing dress is such a versatile piece. It can be dressed up or down and also brought through into the festival season. I think a white dress is a must have for Summer. 


New look – €29.99

I think that a denim dress is essential for this season! We are seeing a lot of the 70’s style coming back on the scene which includes a lot of denim and this sleeveless pale blue dress is perfect. It has a gorgeous button detail and waist tie which will also work well for the festival season too. Being such a versatile dress it could be worn easily with converse, sandles or ankle boots, along with a lace kimono.


Forever 21 – €21.00

Can we all take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this dress is! I love love love it and it’s just €21.00 – serious style steal! Now, it is quite sheer, so wearing a black co-ord underneath would be best for this one. This paired with a pair of long gladiators and long statment neckpieces will be perfect to see you through all your Summer parties and cocktails. 


Asos – €47.94

This beautiful cami dress is perfect for the festival season. It carries a stunning print along with fringing which we are seeing a lot of on the high street at the moment. Now, it is a little bit more pricier nearing the €50 mark, but I think it’s certainly worth it! When I seen it at first I was immediately attracted to the simplistic design, but also how it made such a statment when worn. 


Missguided – €42.00

This faux suede tassle hem strapped cami dress reminded me of Pocahontas when I first seen it! But isn’t it beautiful? The perfect festival dress, or paired with a pair of gladiator sandles for holidays would be bang on trend. 


So guys and gals, they are my top ten Summer dress picks, which I think you will agree are amazing and all under €50, some even under €30 which is brilliant! 

I hope you have seen at least one dress here that you like. 

Stay fab as always! 

The Style Shaper x 

The Style Shaper tips – How to update your wardrobe without buying a thing! 


Hello everyone!

I have had a lot of people ask me for tips on updating their wardrobe on a budget and I have come up with one very simple solution which won’t cost you a penny! 

So as you all know, I am on my own weight loss journey among others and one question I get asked a lot is how to create a look or an outfit without going over a budget. As you are in the process of loosing weight or gaining weight, whatever the case may be, and are not quite at your goal weight, you don’t want to be spending money on pieces which are only going to last a few weeks and not fit you anymore. 
Get those note pads out as I am about to tell you my simple top tips! 

During this post I will share with you the very simple top tips that can be worked on staple pieces in your wardrobe which will in turn compleaty change the look of your outfit.


We all have some shape or form of a hat stuck somewhere in that closet! Now is the time to wear it ladies!! By simply adding a hat, your look will dramatically change and complete your outfit. 

Top tip – 

Summer is officially here, so why not mix up your outfits by adding an oversized fedora! 


Who doesn’t own a pair of jeans? Exactly, we all do! Jeans have become a very significant staple piece in the modern wardrobe. Not only for casual wear, but jeans have become that one piece of clothing that you can base any outfit around, wheather your going for drinks or for dinner! 

Top tip – Roll them up!  

Take your jeans and simply roll the bottoms up to where you like! Rolled up jeans are bang on trend right now and are perfect to take you through summer. It may not seem like drastic move, but believe me, by simply rolling up your bottoms, it will totally change your outfit.

Top tip – Slit them

This winter we seen the slit jean make a serious come back and it has been brought straight through to summer on the high street, with almost every pair including the colour white becoming a popular choice. I know the thoughts of slitting your own jeans can be quite daunting but it is so quick and easy, here’s how to achieve the look;

~ How to slit your jeans – Simply put your jeans on, take a pen and mark a line across where you want to slit. (Remember not to go to far across as the slit will increase after you wear them!) take your jeans off and cut across the line which you have drawn and with a tweezers, pull the loose pieces of thread to give a worn look! 

Top tip – Cut them up

I have seen jeans in stores such as River Island which are just simply cut up that little bit shorter around the ankle, and then pulled to give a worn look! Simply take your skinny jeans and cut them up shorter than they already are, take a tweezers and pull the loose threads! It’s as simple as that and will give those jeans a new lease of life!



We all have that one go-to blazer in our wardrobes, or you may have a selection! If your looking to change it up, here are some very simple steps to re-creating a look using the same old blazer.

Top tip – Roll those sleeves up 

It may seem like a very easy thing to do, but imagine yourself right now with your blazer on, and think what it would look like with the sleeves simply rolled up… Yes, effortlessly chic. 

Top tip – Add a broach 

First seen on style queen Olivia Palermo, adding something as simple as a broach can take a blazer from a 2 to a 10! If you feel your blazer is that little bit more cheaper looking, add a vintage style broach and you will completely change the look, and also add that extra little bit of sparkle to your outfit.

Top tip – Change the buttons

I think one thing we all have tossed around the place are buttons! Wheather it’s spare ones, or ones from our grandmothers and mothers, that sewing box is full of them! A simple little tip to change a blazer would be to change the buttons on it as it will completely change it but also add some personal value.



I love love love the idea of belting items! Especially this one I am about to share with you! 

Top tip – Belt a scarf –

Oh what a wonderful way to create dimension and drama to your look. Now this may be one that is used a lot more in winter time, but you can also work it during summer with lighter scarves to complete a look or simply to change up a dress! This tip is great, as you can replace your jacket with a scarf! 

Top tip – Belt a coat/jacket/blazer

Something as simple as adding a belt will create the illusion of curves, add personal style and make your outfit pop! We all without a doubt own some kind of belt, so no exuses for this one! 


Yes ladies, you read that line correctly! I love this styling tip! If your stuck in a rut and can’t choose between wearing that dress or those trousers – wear both!!! When I first seen this genius idea, I immediately fell in love with it! It is simple, chic and effortless. Check out how to do it below.

Top tip – Skirt – 

If you feel your dress doesn’t quite fit completely with the look your going for, try swapping your dress with a skirt. 

The classic shirt! No matter the shape or style, we all have a shirt in our wardrobe. There are so many variations available now a days, it is impossible not to own one! 

Top tip – Add a broach to each collar corner

By placing two small broaches either side of the collar, it will instantly jazz up your shirt. When Olivia first emerged wearing this look, the high street then went crazy, adding small accessories and chains to the collars of shirts. 

Top tip – Roll up the sleeves

Simply rolling up the sleeves on your shirt can create an effortless look. You can choose from either a clean roll up or a messy roll up, the choice is yours! 

Top tip – Half in and half out

Pop one side of your shirt inside your trousers/jeans to create an effortless style.

Top tip – Tuck it in

Tucking in your shirt can change up your outfit dramatically, creating a classicly chic vibe.



When done right, double denim can become the most chic and stylish look you pull out of that wardrobe. If your wearing denim pieces separate why not combine them to create a fresh, on trend look.

Top tip – Skirt and shirt

The 70’s style skirts are making a huge comeback this summer, so root out that skirt and pair it with your denim shirt making sure to tuck it in to make it that extra little bit more chic. Again, using my tips from above by add a belt or roll up the sleeves to be bang on trend this season. 

Top tip – Shirt and bottoms

It can be quite daunting at the thought of pairing a pair of jeans with a denim shirt, but never fear, when done properly it will make you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.


One of the greatest tricks in the book! Are you tired of wearing the same old dress and don’t know hoe to update it? Well, here’s how;

Top tip – Shirt – 

Yes, you seen right! Wear a shirt under your dress! It’s that simple. I have seen this time after time and it never fails. If you haven’t got a shirt, simply theme a t-shirt or turtle neck (in winter) with your dress to be up to date and on trend.

Top tip – Accessories – 

We all own some form of accessories, so why leave them hanging around when you can jazz up your dress from day to night. 

Another simple accessory to add to a dress is a belt. It will add dimension but also create curves in the right places.


Playing with prints and colours is one of my favourite things to do while creating an outfit. Mixing prints from your wardrobe will without a doubt bring a new lease of life to those pieces you have left at the back of your wardrobe.

Prints – 

While mixing prints it is important to remember not to go to overboard! Stick to prints in the same colour, and to prints which bounce well off of each other and that don’t overpower. 

Colours – 

Plying with coloured prints can be quite tricky if not done correctly. Try to stick to colours that are in the same range, but that also can realate to each other.


Top tip – Flatforms –

Flatforms have become the new ‘go to’ shoe the past two seasons, and have made a strong appearance again this year. Swapping out your heels or your flats for a flatform will add spice to your outfit and bring through your personal style along with being bang on trend.

Top tip – Runners with a dress – 

I love the idea of wearing runners/flatform runners with a dress. It creates a laid back, chic vibe which I love and think is so funky! Instead of wearing your favourite sandals with that dress over and over again, try swapping it out for runners! 


This is my FAVOURITE top tip! Ladies, don’t be afraid to mix colours which you think don’t go together! I’m talking about mixing reds and pinks along with navy’s and blacks. This is the most perfect way to wear your old and new coloured pieces while creating a beautiful outfit. 

In fashion, there are no rules, just be you!
– The Style Shaper


So guys and gals, I hope you liked this one!! I have really enjoyed sharing with you my top tips in updating your wardrobe without spending a penny! It is quite easy when you think about it😉 

Stay fabulous you lot, 

The Style Shaper x 

Sam McCauleys ‘Big Beauty Bash’ ~ The Event 


Hello everyone! 

As you have may have seen recently, I was honoured to attend the Sam McCauleys ‘Big Beauty Bash’ which was held on Friday 17th April. WOW is all I can say!! It was the most fabulous, beauty filled day and I enjoyed every single minute of it!!  


I had the honour of meeting the guys and gals which were on hand doing hair demonstrations and skin analysis, make up tutorials at the top make up counters, perfume testing and lots more on the day.

During this post I will tell you about the services, new products and the existing products that are available at Sam McCauleys pharmacy, and which I had the amazing chance of seeing at the event. 

Coming up – 

  • Viviscal – Micro nail, Micro pedi and Micro pedi man
  • Imedeen skin care
  • Vichy skin analysis 
  • Stila
  • Benefit
  • Benefit brow bar
  • Bare minerals
  • Thierry Mugler Fragrance – refillable counter
  • Sam McCauleys beauty salon – Lazer hair removal consultation
  • Remington ‘Curl Revolution’ 
  • Cannon

Viviscal – Micro nail, Micro pedi and Micro pedi man

The first stop on my little journey around the beautiful Sam McCauleys store was with Shane who was representing the Micro nail, Micro pedi and Micro pedi man from Viviscal which is an Irish owned company.

⭐️The Micro nail and pedi range has been seen on the Today Show⭐️

Micro nail ~ These products are fantastic! Shane firstly demonstrated the Micro nail which is an electric nail polisher that buffs and shines the nail in just seconds, which he explained lasts up to two amazing weeks and helps with the application of nail polish. 

Micro pedi ~ Perfect for the holiday season, the Micro pedi safely removes the roughest of skin in just seconds. This product has had 5 star customer ratings and has had multiple beauty industry awards. This is a fabulous 11 piece gift set which contains everything you need for fab feet. Including everything from the Micro pedi foot smoothing device, ultra finishing foot cream, toe separators, nail clippers and scissors along with a great sized nail brush. 

Micro pedi man ~ Can I just say how amazing I think this is! I was blown away by the fact that there is a ‘Micro pedi man’ available. Shane explained to me how the brand hopes to expand to the sports industry, in helping with athletes foot care, which I think is a very important area to hit as we all know the strain that can be put on the feet while training. 

Replacement rollers are also available in three different variations.

Coming soon ~ The Micro nano is launching at the end of April beginning of May. This amazing little device which has a flexi roller has been seen on the Today Show, and is an excellent alternative to the bigger devices. It is a smaller version, which enables you to easily carry it while travelling. It will be available in three different colours – blue, pink and orange. 


Imedeen skin care ~ skin analysis 

Speaking with the Imedeen expert, I found out all there is to know on the Imedeen supplement which helps the body from within to stay younger for longer. 

Imedeen supplements are designed for all different skincare needs but for different ages also which takes your regular beauty routine to higher level. 

Imedeen skincare tablets work specifically from within the body to help you look younger for longer whatever your age. With the tablets working from the dermis the whole way out, this will allow for a stronger result in your beauty routine as usual products only help the top layer of your skin. 

Imedeen supplements are 100% natural, with their main ingredient including a marine protein, and work on the whole body not just the face. 

The Imedeen skin analysis ~ When having a skin analysis done for the Imedeen skin supplements, your collagen levels are measured along with your hydration levels. This scan is then printed off and you are prescribed the supplement. You are then brought back over a short period of time to be re-scanned and prescribed improvement tablets. 

Vichy skin care – skin analysis 

Speaking with the leading Vichy expert who has been a finalist in the Skin Awards for 2011/2013, I learned all there is to know about the new and leading Vichy products. 

– The Vichy Aqualia serum-night spa

This product is stunning on the skin! I was given a sample on the day and it is just devine. This soothing and fortifying serum applies to the skin so beautifully, leaving a light mask like texture which you can wash off after application or the morning after you apply. It has been described as leaving the skin just like you have had a facial done at salon standards.  

– Vichy Liftactiv supreme (anti-age)

This product is like silk on the skin! It was applied to my hand to give me an idea of the texture and look of the cream. It contains two ingredients which are released during the day, caffeine and adenosine which fill out wrinkles and also fight dark circles and puffiness along with rhamnose which helps in thickening the dermis. There are also tiny iridescent beads which gives a fabulous glow on the skin but which isn’t too prominent. The cream is available in a day and night cream, with either normal or dry skin to choose from.

– Vichy Liftactive supreme serum 10 – Eyes and Lashes

This product is suitable for all skin types and is specifically designed for ageing of the eye contour, loss of radiance and weakened lashes. This product is fantastic for people who wear false eyelashes and need that extra boost.

I also had a skin analysis done on the day which I was quite surprised with! The  quick and simple test determined wheather I had an dry or oily T-zone and a hydrated or de-hydrated U-zone. 


Stila –

As the first Stila counter to arrive in not only Carlow but in Sam McCauleys, it has taken off with a bang, offering an array of fabulous make up products. I caught up with the Stila expert to find out all there is to know on the make up brand and the new and most popular products for you all to get your hands on! 

– Contouring kits

Stila are the first brand to produce a contouring kit. They are creme based with two colours in each pallet – dark and light, and is available in three different shade pallets to suit your skin tone. These are available in light, medium and dark. After application (which is easy to blend) you are left with a beautiful dry to matte finish. Instructions are available to show you where to place the product depending on your face shape.

– Contour brush

Stila have created the perfect contouring brush which is double ended and contains a big and small side, one for application and the other for blending.

– Brow gel

This new brow gel is fantastic, it stays on the brow all day, creates volume and definition to the brow and is super easy to use! It also comes with a double ended brush for maximum application. This gel is available in 5 amazing colours to suit your tone.

– Stay all day foundation

This has medium buildable coverage, and is oil free and hydrating. This foundation is suitable for all skin types and for the best bit – it also contains a concealer in the lid, with a mini foundation brush! 


Benefit –

Oh where to start with this beautiful Benefit counter!! I am a huge fan of Benefit make-up and the products they carry, but to find out some very valuable information about new and existing products was fantastic. 

Benefit carry everything from;

  • Blisters
  • Bronzes
  • Tints
  • Highlighters
  • Lipsticks
  • Benefit sets
  • Eye shadow kits etc. in the range

Speaking with the beautiful Benefit ladies on the day, they explained all there is to know about these exciting new and popular products down below.

– Benefit ‘roller lash’ mascara

This new mascara had been described as giving the most natural looking lash to date and comes from the makers of the UK and Ireland’s no.1 mascara. Below I will share with you the benefits of this mascara.

  • Curls and holds lashes for 12 hours
  • Natural looking lashes 
  • Curl volume and length
  • Brush lifts, separates and curls lashes

– ‘The POREfessional’

This silky smooth product is known for its translucent and oil free contents. It reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines and imperfections which leaves the skin feeling super soft and silky. POREfessional can also be used as a primer under foundation or can be worn alone.

– ‘Hello flawless’ foundation (oxygen wow)

This foundation is known for its brightening properties and flawless look. It has a buildable light to medium coverage and can be used for all skin types. It also gives a beautiful glow to the skin which cannot be achieved with other heavy foundations. Hello flawless is available in 10 different shades which is great as you are sure to find the perfect match to your skin tone. The range also includes a matching 2-in-1 cover up powder which is available in 9 shades.

– ‘Puff off’ 

This new eye gel reduces puffiness around the eye area, dark circles and fine lines but also aids any dehydrated area around the eye. This product is great as it can be left in the fridge to give that extra refreshing feel that leaves the eye area feeling fabulously smooth. 94% of people have said it leaves the eye area looking smoother after use.

– ‘Be right’ skincare range

Ranging from hydrating and brightening products, the Benefit skincare range is simply stunning! Known for bringing hydration back into the skin, the range is available for all skin types and all ages which I find brilliant. I have recently began using the Beniefit ‘It’s potent!’ eye cream and I love it! The formula smells gorgeous and is smooth in texture which glides onto the area beautifully. 

The skincare range includes products such as; ‘It’s Potent!’ eye cream, ‘Total Moisture’ facial cream, ‘Dream Screen’ sun lotion (SPF 45, anti-ageing), ‘Instant Comback’ facial serum and the ‘Triple Performing’ facial emulsion (SPF 15).

– ‘They’re Real’ range

The ‘They’re real’ range is just fantastic! It consists of the very poplar mascara, the recently released liner and the remover. I have used all of these products and can honestly say they are my favourite! I have been using the mascara for as long as I can remember as it gives such dramatic volume to the lashes and wears fantastically. I was then introduced to the liner, which glides onto the eye with great precision, but which also lasts on the eye and doesn’t move during the day/night. The ‘They’re real’ remover is a very powerful formula which removes long wearing and even waterproof mascara immediately.


Benefit brow bar – 

🎉Month of May offer🎉 – 

When you book in to get your brows done at the Sam McCauleys Benefit brow bar, you get a 🌟FREE🌟 ‘Gimme brow’ brow mascara

Let’s face it, the Benefit brow bars are gorgeous! At the ‘Big Beauty Bash’ at Sam McCauleys I seen first hand the girls working their magic on brows, and all I can say is WOW!! It will most certainly be my go to brow bar in the future. 

  • Wax, tint, HD effect – €27
  • Lip and chin wax service – €21.50

– Brow products 

  • Brow pencil
  • Brow kit
  • ‘Gimme brow’ brow mascara


Bare Minerals – 

Created to enhance the skin from the outside in, and the leaders in the mineral makeup world, I chatted with the Bare Minerals expert on all there is to know about the popular and best selling products. 

– Complexion Rescue – tinted hydration gel

This product is a combination of the very popular BB and CC creams but in one! It has SPF 30 present and has been proven to give 200% hydration to the skin after one week. It can be worn as a light foundation or under your everyday foundation. 

– Bare skin-Fluid foundation 

This is a fabulous foundation as it brightens the skin and complexion, is oil free and helps repair the skin. It contains vitamin C and also carries SPF 20.

– Foundation brush

Bare Minerals carry a beautiful micro fibre foundation brush. What I found most special about this brush is that it has a small well in the middle to hold the product and will ensure no loss of foundation with application.

– Volumising mascara

This mascara has a 360 degree brush which coats both sides of the lashes while applying. The ingredients present also help to strengthen and nourish the lashes.

– Lipsticks

All of the Bare Minerals lipsticks contain Shea butter which is divine! Completely hydrating and smoothing, these lipsticks don’t just give colour to the lip, but helps in the nourishment too. Your lips will be beautiful after use!

– Lipglosses 

The Bare Minerals range of lipglosses are both moisturising but also have plumping properties, so you will achieve beautiful plumped moisturised lips after use! 

Bare Minerals skincare range – 

This skincare range is beautiful! It consists of many gorgeous products with these down below being most popular;

  • Cleanser
  • Eye balm
  • Treatment oil (anti-age, five oil blends)


Thierry Mugler Alien fragrance – refillable counter

As the newest arrival to the perfumery in Sam McCauleys chemist Fairgreen shopping centre, this refillable counter has all of your perfume problems solved! When your bottle of ‘Alien’ or ‘Angel’ perfume runs out, you no longer have to buy a brand new bottle, you can simply refill it for a reduced price at the refillable counter. For example, when you buy a 60ml bottle for €94 you can refill it for €70 which I think is fantastic for such a beautiful perfume. It is also a highly concentrated perfume which means you only need a small sprits. As recommended, you are better to spray the perfume and walk through the mist instead of spraying it directly onto the skin as it could overpower you. 

🌟With two Thierry Mugler purchases you will receive a beautiful gift of  a toiletry bag including shower gel and body lotion. 

The Thierry Mugler range consists of 

  • Perfumes
  • Hand creams 
  • Body lotions 
  • Shower gel
  • Body creams 


Sam McCauleys – Beuty Salon~ {Lazor hair removal consultation}

The most beautiful salon with a superb range of treatments and excellent beauty specialists. 

Being treated at this gorgeous salon will leave no disappointment. They specialise in an array of treatments including;

  • Body treatments
  • Eye treatments
  • Facial treatments
  • Hair removal
  • Permanent hair removal
  • Hand and nail
  • Make up
  • Tanning
  • Massage
  • Skin treatments
  • HD brows


At the ‘Big Beauty Bash’ there was a lazor hair removal consultation available, and is available any other day which is completely free to have done. So if you are thinking about having permanent hair removal done, pop into Sam McCauleys and have your consultation completed by one of the beauty specialists.


Remington – ‘Curl Revolution’ 

Described as giving the hair a ‘Curly Blowdry’ look, I have to say, this was literally the best product I seen all day! To see the full effects, I sat down and had my hair curled, and I am not joking you, it was done in under 5 minutes and the result was stunning! 

This curler can reach anywhere from 160 – 230 degrees depending on the heat you would like.

– How it works

Simply place a small section of hair in at the root of the barl, or half way down depending on the curl you want to achieve, twist the silver band into the middle and the barl will rotate itself, curling the hair with it. The hair will move through the barl whilst rotating and falls out at the end. You can twist it in either direction, giving you a different curl each time. You literally don’t have to do a thing only twist the silver band and let it do its magic!! Amazing!

(My hair after using the ‘Curl Revolution’ in the bottom right picture)


The photo centre – Cannon

Meeting with the representative for Cannon in Ireland, Cannon were demonstrating to customers the advantages of the Cannon range and the different qualitys that each camera carries. Sam McCauleys carry a great range of cameras, and have had a great response from customers and the local camera club.


So guys and gals I hope you have enjoyed this post on the products and services available at Sam McCauleys in the Fairgreen shopping centre Carlow.  If you have any questions on the products I have mentioned here don’t hesitate to ask me! 

I just want to say a huge thank you to Sam McCauleys for inviting me in on the day, to Bridget, and to everyone for making me feel so welcome!  


Stay fabulous guys and gals,

The Style Shaper x