The Style Shaper reviews – Cosmecology cleanser and matt moisturising cream  

Hi everyone!

It’s Thursday, which means the weekend is upon us, and I have the perfect read for you all on some recent products which I purchased at Sam McCauleys beauticians. One question I have been asked a lot recently was my skin care routine and what products I am using, so I have decided to write up a review on two which I have been using the past few weeks.

I recently found myself running out of my favourite Guinot cleanser which I have reviewed previously and I also wanted to find a product which would help control the oils in my skin. 

I decided to visit the lovely ladies in Sam McCauleys in the hope of finding the perfect face cream which would help control my skin along with a cleansing lotion.

Chatting with beauty therapist Trudie, she introduced me to a range called Cosmecology Paris, which is actually made by Guinot and is for younger skin types. The Cosmecology range is also that bit cheaper than the Guinot products themselves which is a huge plus! 

The two products I purchased were the Cosmecology Clean Skin Milk, and the Cosmecology Matt Skin mattifying face cream which I have pictured down below. I have been using them for the past few weeks as I wanted to give it a while before reviewing both as to give my honest opinion. 


Cosmecology Clean Skin Milk – 

The Clean Skin Milk is a skin cleanser which is perfect for all skin types. It removes make up immediately along with gently cleansing the face. This cleansing milk in particular has rose extract which I also loved as it has fantastic properties. Rose extract is known for moisturising and softening the skin due to the natural sugar compounds present in it.

I have to say, this cleanser is fantastic. It melts away make up, eye make up and leaves your skin feeling amazingly soft and clean. It is creamy in texture, white in colour and smells fantastic. 

Applying the cleansing milk – 

I like to apply the cleansing milk all over the face, then take dampened cotton pads to remove it.


Cosmecology Matt Skin mattifying face cream – 

The Matt Skin face cream is the product I decided on as my skin had become quite oily and my pores more prominent. This mattifying face cream works on balancing excess sebum and mattifies and purifies the skin, along with tightening the pores.

This face cream in particular has burdock extract which works on oily skin due to its purifying, balancing and antibacterial properties. 

This cream has honestly worked wonders on my skin! Since I first started using the cream, my skin feels balanced and a lot less oily. My pores have also tightened around my cheeks. It is quite light in terms of texture and spreads evenly. 


Other products available from the Cosmecology range – 

As the above cleanser is for all skin types, the moisturising cream is especially for oily skin. Cosmecology have a complete range for whatever skin type you may be, whether it’s oily skin or dry skin, there is a cream for you! Cosmecology also have a range of hair, body and skin products to choose from!

So guys and gals, I hope you have enjoyed this review on the two Cosmecology products I have been using and will continue to use as I am very impressed with them. 

If you have any questions regarding the products or my skin care routine, you can contact me on here, on Facebook (The Style Shaper), on my Instagram (Jennifer_carolan21) or directly by email! 

Stay fabulous as always,


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