💄Recent bargain beauty buys💄

 Hello everyone💕Happy Wednesday!!! 

I can’t believe we are mid week already!

So, over the weekend I purchased a few little bits at Sam McCauleys chemist which I am made up with and which have had a great reaction over on my Instgram (jennifer_carolan21) and Facebook (The Style Shaper) pages. 

I thought I would show you all what I purchased along with a little review of them all just so you know what they are like if you are thinking of picking up a few new beauty products.

I always love to find a dupe or the closest thing to a product if one exists, so here are my recent beauty buys!💄

The ‘Beautiful Brows’ brow kit

This definitely had to be one of the best buys! Reduced from a whopping €45 down to an amazing €9.99 how could you leave it right? 

Brows have become such a prominent part of the face recently and also one of the main areas of the face which people focus on while applying make up and completing the entire look. 

This kit literally has everything you need for filling in your brows. 

Each compact contains:

  • Your preferred eyebrow colour powder
  • Three different eyebrow shapes/stencils
  • A duo application brush
  • An eyebrow highlighter
  • A highlighting brush
  • A soft grip tweezers (which are amazing)
  • A magnifying mirror for application 

You can also match the powder to the colour of you hair and complexion of the skin. The colours to choose from include:

  • Black – for black hair
  • Slate – for blonde, silver and red hair with a fair skin tone
  • Dark brown – for medium to dark brunettes 
  • Light brown – for for darker and red hair
  • Chocolate – for very dark brunettes 

I decided on the dark brown colour as I am quite dark in terms of hair colour and skin tone and I can say it matches perfectly! Whoooo finally perfectly shaped brows😍

The ‘Real Techniques’ miracle complexion sponge

I decided to pick this up and try it out as I have always wanted to try it out but could never bring myself to pay €8 for a little sponge😂 So, when this was reduced to €5.99 I said I’d bring it and give it a go! 

I was a little bit sceptical at first as I have always used brushes to blend my make up and apply concealer but this has literally changed my life!!! It is fantastic for blending both, as due to the rounded sides it enables you to blend larger areas of the face and has a precision tip for covering blemishes and imperfections on the face. 



The ‘Technic’ make up brushes

So firstly I want to say these brushes are NOT the same make/brand as the Real Techniques brushes! 

They are a cheaper brand of brushes which range in price from €2 to €5!!! Like how amazing is that? Now I am no make up artist so some of you may think they are crap but I really like them! 

When I posted the picture to Instagram and Facebook I hadn’t tried them out, but over the weekend I got the chance to try them and I have to say I think they are great! The actual brush hair is so soft but at the same time has give in it, I also haven’t had any hair as of yet come out while applying product. 

I picked up a blusher brush, slanted blusher brush, eyeshadow brush and a smoky eye brush which is double ended and my fave! 


The W7 ‘Absolute lashes’ mascara

Who doesn’t love a good old dupe? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I seen this! It even looks the exact same as the benefit ‘they’re real’ mascara which may I add is my all time fave mascara! 

When I spotted this I had to pick it up and try it out! The packaging is nearly identical to the benefit mascara along with the brush applicator. 

I used this over the weekend on two people and found it brilliant, I also used it on my bottom lashes as I can’t on my top lashes due to my individual ones on and it was great! 

This mascara came in at €4.75 compared to the benefit one which is a whopping €26, yes that is quite a difference! A must buy if you ask me! 


Essence products

I picked up a few little bits from Essence cosmetics. The gel effect nail polish which is great and amazing for its price, the quick and easy sponge nail polish remover, a studio nails banana shape file and a sharpener. All of these products were no more than €4 which you can’t go wrong with! 

So guys and gals they are the pieces I picked up over the weekend, I hope you have enjoyed that little read and hopefully it has answered any questions you may have had when I posted the products! 
Stay fab all, 

The Style Shaper x 

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