🌴Holiday look book🌴 ~ The Algarve

 Hello everyone! 

I can’t believe it’s June already! I hope your all having a fantastic summer so far, my fingers and toes are crossed in hope that the Irish sunny weather is on route! 

Recently I went on a beautiful family holiday to The Algarve. To say it was amazing would be a complete understatement. This year was our 10th year to visit Praia Da Rocha in Portugal as it has been a family favourite ever since our first visit when I was just 12! 

As promised I am going to share with you all of the outfits I wore each day, as I know a lot of you have been asking questions about a few of the pieces on my Instagram (jennifer_carolan21). 

So, here is my holiday look book from The Algarve Portugal.🌴

✈️Airport ready✈️

Portugal is not a long flight compared to others. The flight is about 2 hours and 40 minutes, but then you have to take into consideration all the other traveling which means the comfiest clothes possible! I decided on ripped black jeans, a tee, sleeveless blazer and flats.

Jeans – River Island €50

Sleeveless blazer – Boohoo.com €24

Tee – River Island €25

Flat sandals – Forever21 €25

Gold effect chains – Penny’s/Primark €4

☀️Beach day☀️

This was our first day on the beautiful beach. I have been quite a few places and this is by far the nicest beach to date, and because they also have these amazing custard filled fresh donuts which are to die for! 

Sunglasses – Store in Praia Da Rocha €12.50

White tassel top – H&M (last year)

Denim shorts – New look (last year)

Bikini – Debenhams Floozi collection (last year) 

Evening look


As it was a little bit breezy, I decided on this look as it was super comfy! 

Jeans – River Island €50

White top – Penny’s/Primark €8

Sleeveless blazer – Boohoo.com €24

Shoes – Penny’s/Primark €18 (so comfy)

Translucent clutch – Penny’s/Primark €3 (reduced)

Evening look


Can anyone guess my fave colour?! I loved this outfit and it was super easy to wear! 

Sunglasses – Store in Praia Da Rocha €12.50

White cami top – Tesco €13

Blur floral neckpiece – Handmade in Tenerife last year

Floral print trousers – Penny’s/Primark €10

White shoes – Penny’s/Primark (years old!!)

Powder blue woven clutch – H&M €9.99

👛Shopping day👛

One of the extremely hot days we decided to visit the ‘Aqua’ shopping centre in Portimao. This dress was so handy just to throw on with my new flat lace ups from Parfois. The shopping centre is fantastic, it’s all outdoors and carries the best shops! I got a good few bits that day, including some stuff from Sephora (my fave face powder), jeans from Bershka, a dress and top from an amazing shop called lefties which is like a better and cheaper version of H&M but the quality is fantastic. I also picked up a stunning floral shirt in H&M and some gorgeous pieces of statement jewellery in another stand alone store dedicated entirely to jewellery – yes I was in heaven! 

Dress – River Island (under €50)

Lace up flats – Parfois (Dublin airport) €19.99

Bag – River Island 

Sunglasses – Store in Praia Da Rocha €12.99

Evening look

 These dresses are everywhere at the minute. I hadn’t planned on wearing this dress over in Portugal, it’s the one which I bought while shopping in a store which is called ‘lefties’ over there. It was so comfy and easy to wear. It also has two slits up the side which gave it a nice touch.

Dress – Lefties €9.99

Shoes – Penny’s/Primark (years old)

Gold chain – (Borrowed from a friend)

Translucent clutch – Penny’s/Primark €3 (reduced)

🌴Beach day🌴

A cappuccino with a view! 

If only you could taste this cappuccino! We had one every morning to start the day, (and also in the evening🙈) they were just amazing! 

Sun hat – Penny’s/Primark €5

Bikini – Debenhams (Last year) These bikinis were a little expensive as they carry amazing support. 

Lace tasseled kimono – Penny’s/Primark (last year) 

Evening look


This was the Friday night, we went for a beautiful Chinese while looking out on this view. 

White jeans – Penny’s/Primark €8

White crochet top – Penny’s/Primark €13

Black sandals – Penny’s/Primark €18

Black beaded neckpiece – Vila €13.50

Black bag – River Island 

Evening look
This was our last night. We all went for a beautiful dinner and finished off by picking up the last few bits and bobs as we had to be up very early to catch our flight home. 

Top – Vero Moda €8 (on sale)

White palazzo pants – Boohoo.com €28

Black bag – River Island 

Black sandals – Penny’s/Primark €18

Gold earrings – (Had them before) 

So they are all the pieces I wore during my stay in the beautiful Algarve. If you’re looking for a place to visit to relax and have a cheeky cocktail I would highly recommend Portugal. It is honestly breathtaking. 

As some of you know I am away in two weeks to Turkey which isn’t going to be much of a holiday for me (I can’t wait to share with you why) but my question is would you like me to do another look book for that holiday? 

Let me know! 

Stay fab as always,

The Style Shaper x 

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