Spring/Summer 2015 Make-up and Hair trends


Hello everyone! 

I am so excited to share with you the Spring/Summer 2015 make-up and hair trends which are fresh from the catwalks of the worlds most fashionable cities. I have really enjoyed researching the current trends for this post, so I hope you enjoy the read! 

Hair trends 2015

Slicked back ponytail – 

The slicked back ponytail has been seen a lot on the catwalks for this season. This look is perfect to wear with the bandage dress, jumpsuit or with evening wear as it can look effortless and classy. To achieve this look, simply brush back the hair, either straight back or in a middle or side parting ensuring all hair is sleek and tie in a ponytail. You can also use product to keep those fly away pieces of hair at bay. 

Unstyled and messy hair – 

The ‘messy’ look and the ‘unstyled’ look is appearing a lot lately as it gives such an effortless feel. For a more natural style, stay clear of polished waves and curls and let the hair dry naturally while applying some anti-frizz product. This hairstyle will work perfectly with this seasons fashion trends, including romantic florals, festival fashion, embellished pieces and prints to name a few. To achieve this look ensure that your hair is in great condition, rich in colour and cut to a good length.


Hairpieces – 

As the festival season is in full swing, we are seeing a lot of hairpieces appearing on the catwalks and being translated back on to the high street. Small and large headpieces such as floral bands, simple plain coloured pieces and jewelled bands are appearing everywhere at the moment and are giving the more natural hair styles a little sparkle. Smaller pieces and flowers are also being added to the hairstyles to create drama.

The wet look – 

I am loving this look at the minute. It is so simple to re-create on your own hair and can look so chic and fresh. It is simular to the slicked back ponytail except you are leaving the hair wet and adding product to give the look of dampness on the hair. Simply brush the hair back (wet) clip up your ends, and your good to go! 

Make-up trends 2015

Make -up and skin

Natural skin is taking over ladies! The world of fashion and make-up is fascinating over a more natural approach when it comes to the skin and foundation. The contouring faze which has taken over the past few months is now taking a back seat at recent shows as we are seeing more natural looking skin tones and looks with artists focussing more on the lip and eye. 

Dewy and radiant skin is appearing more on the runways with the focus being a highlight on the cheek bones, a sheer gloss on the lips and a shine on the eyelids. 

Lips – 

Think of Summer colours while choosing the right lip this season. Forget the high lined and defined lips ladies, a naturally applied colour is what is coming fresh from the catwalks! Apply your lip colour and smudge it with your finger tip to achieve the look. Colours such as oranges, pinks, pinky nudes, poppy reds and corals are bang on trend. 

Eyes – 

While researching the trends, one that popped up a lot was the smudged eyeliner. Now, as this is one of the more easier looks to achieve, we will all be able to re-create it which is the best bit! Simply smudge your eyeliner remembering not to perfect it, and mix with golds to create an off the runway look.

Coloured eyes are also appearing, with shades such as barely there pinks, nudes, blues, oranges and sheen looks becoming the colours of choice.


Eyebrows – 

The perfected eyebrow is also taking a back seat this season! There is no high definition being made to the brows, but instead a brushed and well groomed brow. I have being doing this lately and achieving the look using the Benefit ‘Gimme Brow’ which gives a more natural looking brow. 


I hope you have all enjoyed this smaller that usual post! I have really enjoyed researching the trends and translating them into a post for you guys! 

Stay fab all! 

The Style Shaper x 

(Image credit – Pretty-hairstyles.com, fashionisers.com, Kevin Tachman for Vogue) 

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