The Style Shaper tips – How to update your wardrobe without buying a thing! 


Hello everyone!

I have had a lot of people ask me for tips on updating their wardrobe on a budget and I have come up with one very simple solution which won’t cost you a penny! 

So as you all know, I am on my own weight loss journey among others and one question I get asked a lot is how to create a look or an outfit without going over a budget. As you are in the process of loosing weight or gaining weight, whatever the case may be, and are not quite at your goal weight, you don’t want to be spending money on pieces which are only going to last a few weeks and not fit you anymore. 
Get those note pads out as I am about to tell you my simple top tips! 

During this post I will share with you the very simple top tips that can be worked on staple pieces in your wardrobe which will in turn compleaty change the look of your outfit.


We all have some shape or form of a hat stuck somewhere in that closet! Now is the time to wear it ladies!! By simply adding a hat, your look will dramatically change and complete your outfit. 

Top tip – 

Summer is officially here, so why not mix up your outfits by adding an oversized fedora! 


Who doesn’t own a pair of jeans? Exactly, we all do! Jeans have become a very significant staple piece in the modern wardrobe. Not only for casual wear, but jeans have become that one piece of clothing that you can base any outfit around, wheather your going for drinks or for dinner! 

Top tip – Roll them up!  

Take your jeans and simply roll the bottoms up to where you like! Rolled up jeans are bang on trend right now and are perfect to take you through summer. It may not seem like drastic move, but believe me, by simply rolling up your bottoms, it will totally change your outfit.

Top tip – Slit them

This winter we seen the slit jean make a serious come back and it has been brought straight through to summer on the high street, with almost every pair including the colour white becoming a popular choice. I know the thoughts of slitting your own jeans can be quite daunting but it is so quick and easy, here’s how to achieve the look;

~ How to slit your jeans – Simply put your jeans on, take a pen and mark a line across where you want to slit. (Remember not to go to far across as the slit will increase after you wear them!) take your jeans off and cut across the line which you have drawn and with a tweezers, pull the loose pieces of thread to give a worn look! 

Top tip – Cut them up

I have seen jeans in stores such as River Island which are just simply cut up that little bit shorter around the ankle, and then pulled to give a worn look! Simply take your skinny jeans and cut them up shorter than they already are, take a tweezers and pull the loose threads! It’s as simple as that and will give those jeans a new lease of life!



We all have that one go-to blazer in our wardrobes, or you may have a selection! If your looking to change it up, here are some very simple steps to re-creating a look using the same old blazer.

Top tip – Roll those sleeves up 

It may seem like a very easy thing to do, but imagine yourself right now with your blazer on, and think what it would look like with the sleeves simply rolled up… Yes, effortlessly chic. 

Top tip – Add a broach 

First seen on style queen Olivia Palermo, adding something as simple as a broach can take a blazer from a 2 to a 10! If you feel your blazer is that little bit more cheaper looking, add a vintage style broach and you will completely change the look, and also add that extra little bit of sparkle to your outfit.

Top tip – Change the buttons

I think one thing we all have tossed around the place are buttons! Wheather it’s spare ones, or ones from our grandmothers and mothers, that sewing box is full of them! A simple little tip to change a blazer would be to change the buttons on it as it will completely change it but also add some personal value.



I love love love the idea of belting items! Especially this one I am about to share with you! 

Top tip – Belt a scarf –

Oh what a wonderful way to create dimension and drama to your look. Now this may be one that is used a lot more in winter time, but you can also work it during summer with lighter scarves to complete a look or simply to change up a dress! This tip is great, as you can replace your jacket with a scarf! 

Top tip – Belt a coat/jacket/blazer

Something as simple as adding a belt will create the illusion of curves, add personal style and make your outfit pop! We all without a doubt own some kind of belt, so no exuses for this one! 


Yes ladies, you read that line correctly! I love this styling tip! If your stuck in a rut and can’t choose between wearing that dress or those trousers – wear both!!! When I first seen this genius idea, I immediately fell in love with it! It is simple, chic and effortless. Check out how to do it below.

Top tip – Skirt – 

If you feel your dress doesn’t quite fit completely with the look your going for, try swapping your dress with a skirt. 

The classic shirt! No matter the shape or style, we all have a shirt in our wardrobe. There are so many variations available now a days, it is impossible not to own one! 

Top tip – Add a broach to each collar corner

By placing two small broaches either side of the collar, it will instantly jazz up your shirt. When Olivia first emerged wearing this look, the high street then went crazy, adding small accessories and chains to the collars of shirts. 

Top tip – Roll up the sleeves

Simply rolling up the sleeves on your shirt can create an effortless look. You can choose from either a clean roll up or a messy roll up, the choice is yours! 

Top tip – Half in and half out

Pop one side of your shirt inside your trousers/jeans to create an effortless style.

Top tip – Tuck it in

Tucking in your shirt can change up your outfit dramatically, creating a classicly chic vibe.



When done right, double denim can become the most chic and stylish look you pull out of that wardrobe. If your wearing denim pieces separate why not combine them to create a fresh, on trend look.

Top tip – Skirt and shirt

The 70’s style skirts are making a huge comeback this summer, so root out that skirt and pair it with your denim shirt making sure to tuck it in to make it that extra little bit more chic. Again, using my tips from above by add a belt or roll up the sleeves to be bang on trend this season. 

Top tip – Shirt and bottoms

It can be quite daunting at the thought of pairing a pair of jeans with a denim shirt, but never fear, when done properly it will make you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.


One of the greatest tricks in the book! Are you tired of wearing the same old dress and don’t know hoe to update it? Well, here’s how;

Top tip – Shirt – 

Yes, you seen right! Wear a shirt under your dress! It’s that simple. I have seen this time after time and it never fails. If you haven’t got a shirt, simply theme a t-shirt or turtle neck (in winter) with your dress to be up to date and on trend.

Top tip – Accessories – 

We all own some form of accessories, so why leave them hanging around when you can jazz up your dress from day to night. 

Another simple accessory to add to a dress is a belt. It will add dimension but also create curves in the right places.


Playing with prints and colours is one of my favourite things to do while creating an outfit. Mixing prints from your wardrobe will without a doubt bring a new lease of life to those pieces you have left at the back of your wardrobe.

Prints – 

While mixing prints it is important to remember not to go to overboard! Stick to prints in the same colour, and to prints which bounce well off of each other and that don’t overpower. 

Colours – 

Plying with coloured prints can be quite tricky if not done correctly. Try to stick to colours that are in the same range, but that also can realate to each other.


Top tip – Flatforms –

Flatforms have become the new ‘go to’ shoe the past two seasons, and have made a strong appearance again this year. Swapping out your heels or your flats for a flatform will add spice to your outfit and bring through your personal style along with being bang on trend.

Top tip – Runners with a dress – 

I love the idea of wearing runners/flatform runners with a dress. It creates a laid back, chic vibe which I love and think is so funky! Instead of wearing your favourite sandals with that dress over and over again, try swapping it out for runners! 


This is my FAVOURITE top tip! Ladies, don’t be afraid to mix colours which you think don’t go together! I’m talking about mixing reds and pinks along with navy’s and blacks. This is the most perfect way to wear your old and new coloured pieces while creating a beautiful outfit. 

In fashion, there are no rules, just be you!
– The Style Shaper


So guys and gals, I hope you liked this one!! I have really enjoyed sharing with you my top tips in updating your wardrobe without spending a penny! It is quite easy when you think about it😉 

Stay fabulous you lot, 

The Style Shaper x 

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