☀️The Style Shaper talks – Summer holiday essentials☀️

Hello everyone! 

Wow, what a week it has been! I have such exciting blog posts coming for you all soon! 

This one today is going to give you an idea of all your summer essentials that will carry you through the summer, wheather you are holidaying at home or abroad, this post has got you covered! 

So have your suitcase at the ready and let’s get packing your summer essentials👜👙☀️

Coming up in this post I will share with you my Top 16 Must Haves for the summer holidays;

  1. Suncream and after sun (SPF) 
  2. Lip moisturiser with an (SPF)
  3. Cleanser and toner 
  4. Moisturiser for the face and body
  5. Make-up
  6. Sunglasses (UV protection)
  7. Shorts
  8. T-shirts/vest tops
  9. Dresses
  10. Footwear 
  11. The fedora hat
  12. Accessories 
  13. Swimwear
  14. Sarongs/cover ups
  15. Beach bag
  16. The ‘mini bag’ and Zip pouch purse

These here are my ‘must haves’ but you can also add in your own pieces too! This post is just to give an indication of what you can bring along.

Suncream – 

Have you ever walked into a shop or pharmacy, squeezed out a little bit of suncream on your hand, rubbed it in and said; “It reminds me of holidays” because I do this ALL OF THE TIME!!!!!! 

This Piz Buin suncream is my absolute favourite suncream. Now I know it is one of the more pricier brands, but it is fantastic! I think what you have to remember when looking for a good cream is the SPF that it carries along with the formula and its resistance to water. 

Previously I have used a Nivea suncream, and it stained everything! And when I say everything, I mean every bikini, sundress and vest top was destroyed in yellow stains! Now don’t get me wrong, if you like other brands, go for it, but this Piz Buin is my ‘Summer Essential’ as it has a range of SPF’s, fabulous smell, is water resistant and moisturising. 

Remember: Please please don’t go out in the sun without suncream! It will save you from burning, but most importantly it protects you against the strong sun rays which could lead to skin cancer and premature ageing. 

 After sun – 

A big thing for me with after sun is that it contains a natural ingredient which you know will nourish the skin after being exposed to the sun. Aloe vera is one ingredient which I love, and that I know will sooth any area of the body wheather it has been exposed or not.

A lot of pharmacys carry pure aloe gel which is perfect to stick in the fridge and have cooled for when your back from the beach! 

The two I have picked to show you is a pure aloe vera gel from ‘Banana boat’ and a moisturising after sun from ‘Hawaiian Tropic’ which is just devine and carries aloe vera too.

Remember: After sun and moisturising is so important after being exposed to the sun as your skin has dried out and will tighten, so you need to get that extra nourishment afterwards. Also it saves you from peeling like an orange!!!

Lip moistureiser with SPF – 

“Suncream for your lips” – Who is guilty of not applying a lip cream with SPF?? It’s hard to remember everything while your on holiday, but our lips are exposed all of the time, and unfortunately can burn. For the past two years while holidaying in hot weather I have used the ‘Garnier Ambre Solaire nourishing lip protection stick’ with SPF 20 which I find brilliant. 

It looks just like a lip balm and is small and easy to carry even in your pocket! 


Cleanser and toner – 

Guys and gals, pack a cleanser and toner in that suitcase because you will need it! With the sun, the amount of places you visit, things you touch, the different foods you eat and the alcohol you drink it is all going to effect your skin unfortunately! 

Yes, the sun is a fantastic source of vitamin D, but if your not drinking plenty of water, and looking after your skin in terms of an SPF and moistureiser, your skin will break out!! 

When I say places you visit and things you touch I am referring to all of germs that go to your hands, and where is the first place we touch?? The face!! So you now have dirt particles all over your skin on top of everything else, but you might think ‘oh I’m glowing’ and apply make up over the dirt…. NOOOO!! Cleanse, tone and moisturise for the perfect summer glow!

If you read my previous post on the Guinot range which I have started using for my skin, you will know that these products are just fabulous and amazing for the skin as they contain aloe vera and cucumber extract. 

Moisturiser – 

Referring back to the after sun piece, a good face moisturiser and body moisturiser is essential for holidaying in the sun. Bring along your normal everyday moisturiser and one for night along with maybe a nice refreshing eye cream for those late nights out! 

I would recommend a nice body butter containing shea or coconut. The shea butter is a great source of vitamin A, but also has healing properties. Coconut butter actually destroys harmful bacteria. Both also smell and feel great on the skin!

These two butters, are from The Body Shop, and are amazing! 


(Finally moving on to the fun stuff☺️)

Make-up – 

I think when going away on holiday you want to limit down the amount of make up you bring. Let’s face it, no one wants to apply a full face of product at night when all you want to do is relax and have a few cocktails!

I would recommend: 

  • A highlight primer
  • Switching to a BB or CC cream for a more fresh faced look
  • Bronzer
  • A highlighter for a glowing touch
  • A neutral eye pallet
  • Your everyday wear mascara

Sunglasses – 

When the sun is out, something we automatically do is whip out the sunnies and pop them on! Now, in Ireland we aren’t so blessed with good weather all of the time, but when holidaying abroad you are guaranteed sunshine all day every day which means only one thing…sunglasses! 

Sunglasses are not a necessity for looking good in the sun, sunglasses are there to protect your eyes from the uv rays of the sun, so you won’t be blinded by the brightness and so you don’t have to squint and create unwanted lines😉 

Now, the most important thing you want to remember when buying sunglasses is that they carry a good uv protection barrier. Sunglasses without uv protection are absolutely no good to you! You will be blinded!!! And that’s putting it plain and simple, but most sunglasses these days have that protection.

As you know I am a Pennys/Primark junkie!!! I love a good bargain as does everyone! Pennys/Primark have the most amazing dupe sunglasses in store today starting from just €3

Shorts – 

Shorts are a must have for any summer holiday. Wheather it’s going down to the pool, the beach or for a stroll, you can always rely on shorts! 

When going away I always make sure I pack shorts which I know can be taken from day to night with a change of accessories. I would stick to these main types;

  • Dark/light denim 
  • White/black
  • Coloured

A dark or light denim is a must for me! They can be worn casually during the day with a vest top and flip flops or can be worn at night with a simple change of accessories – adding a belt, cami, bolder jewellery and a wedged sandal. 

Here are some picks from the high street – 

  1. New Look – €24.99
  2. Oasis – €35.00
  3. River Island – €30.00
  4. River Island – €35.00
  5. River Island – €43.00

Here are some plus size options – 

  1. Simply Be – €38.99
  2. Simply Be – €34.99
  3. Yours Clothing – €21.00
  4. New Look – €22.99
  5. New Look – €17.99
  6. New Look – €17.99


T-Shirts and Vest tops – 

I always bring one or two nice long baggy tee’s with me on holidays. They are great for throwing on with a pair of shorts or on its own with a bikini heading to the pool or even for something as simple as going to the nearest shop or bed time! 

Vest tops on the other hand are a MUST HAVE for me! I could literally bring maybe ten of the same vest in a variation of colours! Being the most versatile piece of clothing ever, you can easily jazz them up for a night out. 

Down below is a vest top from ‘ONLY’ which comes in 24, yes, 24 different colours which are sure to carry you through the holidays. Also may I just say, these tops are brilliant,completely stretchy, fabulous fabric and wear fantastically.  

This particular range are €9.95 each or buy two for €16.95 and save €2.95…sorted!!!


Dresses –

When your away on holiday the last thing you want to be trying to put on is a heavy, fitted dress. I would recommend purchasing a few light summer dresses that you can throw on during the day while going for breakfast or lunch and then accessorise for night time with statement jewellery and a pair of wedges or a flatform sandal.

Here’s a few I managed to find from Pennys/Primark summer 2015 collection that start at JUST £5/€6



Footwear – 

So, flip flops are a MUST HAVE for holidays. They are the handiest footwear to throw on your feet while sitting at the pool or walking to the beach. Now, if you follow my Instagram and Facebook page you will have seen my recent post from Pennys/Primark with flip flops starting from JUST €1.50 which is a steal at its best, you just can’t go wrong with these!! 

Here’s a few to show you

I also have these ones to show you from H&M which are JUST €19.99 and are complete dupes of the Birkenstock style flip flop.

Flip flops are great day footwear, but if you want to jazz up your evening outfit, I would go with a dressy flat, a flatform or a wedge sandal like these ones below!

The fedora hat – 

Summer would be incomplete without a fedora!

A hat is a great way to protect your scalp from burning in the sun, and we have come a long way in the fashion world from the trusty ‘cap’ to these beautiful fedora hats which have been brought through each summer season and seen to be becoming that little bit more oversized.  

Me personally I love them! I think they are so stylish and classy along with being bang on trend for summer. They are the perfect accessory to any day or night time outfit. Throwing one on with your bikini heading to the beach, or with a maxi dress for evening time can change up your outfit to give that casual chic look. 

Here is a few on trend fedora hats from the high street.


Accessories – 

🌟Don’t be afraid of coloured accessories 🌟

Oh where to start! I mean, when I’m going away I literally try pack my whole bedroom up, but unfortunately most airlines only allow 15-20kg baggage so we have to take our best pieces which are most versatile.

Neckpieces – When I am packing, I pick neckpieces that I know will go with almost everything! A plain gold neckpiece, a colourful one and maybe a pearl one usually work wonders because I know I will be able to work these around all of my outfits. 

Earrings – I would stick to maybe one or two pairs of studs and then the same amount of long earrings. Again, sticking to the number one rule of bringing versatile pieces is key.

Rings – I love costume rings. The high street is packed full of fashion rings these days and they don’t take up to much space or weight in your case. I would stick to maybe multi-coloured ones and a few solid colours also that will coincide with each outfit.

Belts and body chains – I think sticking with one or two belts will work a treat while away. You can’t go wrong with a standard black belt, then mix it up a bit with a solid gold or coloured belt to bring through that summer vibe. 

Body chains are making a come back this season again which is fantastic. They are the best accessory to jazz up your daytime beach outfit and also for night.

Swimwear – 

Going away to the sunshine means only one thing… Swimwear! 

Wheather you want to bare all or cover up that little bit more, the high street and online sites have got you covered, and you don’t have to spend lots either! 

I think the most important thing is not to pack a lot of bikinis and swimwear items as you won’t wear them! I learned this the hard way!! Pick items that you can mix and match with.

You may have seen my recent post on a little Pennys/Primark summer haul which included a few bikinis which are stunning and a fraction of the price of designer swimwear. 

To the right is a dupe of the very expensive Triangl bikini, but from Pennys/Primark and for just €14.


Here is also a two piece also like the one above in the Asos curve range for under €30

 Sarongs and beach/pool cover ups – 

One thing I love about going away is having lazy days by the pool and beach but not having to dress heavily, or use your outfit pieces during the day.

Sarongs and beach dresses are a god send when it comes to summer holidays. They are so easy to just throw on and go, but at the same time look and feel stylish. They are the perfect piece if you are that little bit more body concious and are also light and airy. 

Here are a few I have picked out to show you


Beach bag – 

I would always bring a nice sized beach bag with me while going away. You can squeeze them into your case without taking up too much space, but also because they are so handy! 

When your going to the beach or pool you will have all of your sun creams, towels, sunglasses, water, a book and whatever else you like to carry! Having a spacious beach bag is the answer to carrying all your bits and bobs! 

(The silver beach bag from River Island is reversible, so you can have a silver or black beach bag!) 

The mini bag and zip pouch purse – 

When it comes to handbags I am a sucker for a big, spacious, loose everything in it, suitcase kind of bag!!! But when away there is no need for such a big bag. The mini satchel bag and cross body bags have made another strong appearance on the high street this summer season and they are the perfect bag for bringing away on holidays. 

Another style staple for holidaying is the ‘bumbag’, and these are amazing! No carrying around, no rooting, just perfect! 

When away last year, I picked up a small beaded purse in New Look for I think €3 and it was the best thing ever! 

I know when your at home and doing your everyday duties that your purse literally has your life in it, but when your away all you need is money really! So why bring along your big old purse? These little zip pouch purses are perfect for carrying around but also for not taking up much space in your bag! 

Below are a few from River Island which range from just €6 – €13


So guys and gals, they are my top 16 summer holiday essentials with some pictures to give you that extra little idea! 

I hope you have liked this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it (I am now getting excited for my trips away) 

If you have any questions on the post, don’t be afraid to comment or get in contact with me on any of the items which I have talked about or posted here! 

Stay fabulous guys and gals! 

The Style Shaper x 

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