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Hello everyone! 

A few people have asked me about my skincare routine and how I look after my skin. I decided to review two amazing products from Guinot, the cleansing milk and toning lotion which will give you an idea of what the products are like for the skin and also give you an idea of what the products contain and do for the skin.

After having a Guinot facial done at Sam McCauleys Salon by beauty therapist Trudie Corrigan, I was recommended these two products by Guinot. 

– Guinot Lait Hydra Fraicheur refreshing cleansing milk

– Guinot Lotion Hydra Fraicheur refreshing toning lotion


These two products are just WOW!! I fell in love with them the minute I started using them. 

From the refreshing non-sticky cleanser to the hydrating toning lotion these products are a must for all skin types. Both products include Aloe Vera extract along with cucumber extract in the cleanser and ginseng extract in the toner which leave the skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. Also with vitamin B5 present in the toner, the skin does not tighten up after use which I found amazing! 


Above is the cleanser, which is a light mint green in colour. It is such a smooth cleanser and applies to the face easily. It smells fantastic, very refreshing and just like you’ve had a facial done! 

The toning lotion is blue in colour and smells just as nice! I think what I like most about the two products is that my skin feels clean and refreshed after use, but also it doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight and dry. 

Next up I am going to share with you some information on the products which will help you determine wheather this Guinot range will suit you!

Guinot Lait Hydra Fraicheur Refreshing Cleansing Milk – 

  • Cleansing milk is suitable for skin types including dehydrated or mature skin
  • Dissolves make-up and dirt on the face and neck area
  • Cucumber extract which softens and refreshes the skin
  • Aloe Vera extract with moisturises and soothes the skin without any irritation 
  • It is gentle to use on the skin, lips and neck areas

The benefits of using Guinot cleansing milk – 

  • Washes away all traces of dirt
  • Removes make-up and waterproof make-up
  • Refreshing non-sticky formula
  • Refreshes, softens and hydrates the skin
  • Gentle formula which suits all skin types including dehydrated and mature skin

Key benefitting ingredients – 

  • Aloe Vera extract – with hydrating and soothing properties, aloe stimulates cellular regeneration which is fantastic for the skin
  • Cucumber extract – cucumber extract refreshes, moisturises and softens the skin

How to use Guinot cleansing milk – 

This cleansing milk can be used twice daily, in the morning and evening time. Apply about four pumps of the cleansing milk to clean finger tips and in circular motions apply over the face and neck. You will see your make-up dissolving while doing this. To rinse off, use luke warm water and a cotton pad.

Guinot Lotion Hydra Fraicheur Refreshing Toning Lotion – 

  • Removes all traces of remaining dirt and make-up on the face and neck
  • Tones and refreshes the skin
  • Vitamin B5 is present in this toner which softens and prevents a tightness on the skin

The benefits of using Guinot toning lotion – 

  • Removes remaining dirt and Make-up
  • Gently softens and refreshes
  • Alcohol free
  • Promotes cellular regeneration 

Key benefitting ingredients – 

  • Aloe Vera extract – soothing and hydrating, the aloe vera extract also stimulates cellular regeneration 
  • Ginseng extract – this extract tones, remineralises and reniews the skin. It also includes anti-ageing properties 

How to use Guinot toning lotion – 

Apply the toning lotion to a cotton pad, and in circular motions apply to a cleansed face and neck. 

Price point

Price for one 200ml bottle – €24.50

(I got each 400ml bottle on special at the time for the same price, so keep an eye out for specials this summer)

The price may seem a little bit steep for just one bottle, but I honestly think it’s worth it especially for a skincare product, as caring for your skin is very important. Also you don’t need much as it spreads easily, which in turn makes the amount last longer. 

The Style Shaper rates:

I would rate these two products 10/10.

The cleanser and toner are just fantastic, and I will certainly be keeping a stock  of these especially for keeping my skin refreshed, hydrated and glowing this summer. 

I hope you have all enjoyed this review and information on my new favourite Guinot skin care products. 

A huge thank you to;

– Beauty therapist – Trudie Corrigan for her fabulous recommendations, advice  and service

– Salon – Sam McCauleys 

Stay fabulous guys and gals!

The Style Shaper x 

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