The Style Shaper reviews…….’Along Came Betty’ – Pure pores 15 minute detox mask

Hi everyone! 

I picked up this product by ‘Along Came Betty’ a few weeks ago in the lovely Tesco. A few people asked me about it on Instagram so I have decided to do a short little review for you all! 



The packaging is quite similar to that of the ‘Soap and Glory’ products which I think is what drew me closer to it! I’m hopeless with anything that is pink and pretty! The range consists of anything from body lotions, BB creams, hand creams to the pure pore detox. 

For me, I think that reducing my pores around the nose and cheek areas were key. So I decided to pick this up and give it a shot. I have quite normal skin, so if you have a sensitive skin type and are a bit sceptical about trying it out, maybe check out the ingredients before purchasing. 

The mask itself is white in colour with tiny orange micro-beads throughout. The consistency of the mask is quite thick, but smells divine and it very easy to apply. When applying you only need a small amount as the mask spreads well around the face. 


To apply – 

Take a small amount of the detox mask on your finger and apply in a circular motion to the face. When applying you will feel the micro-beads on the skin, which will dissolve as you apply. 

Apply the mask to the skin as much as you are comfortable with, bringing it as far up as you can, avoiding the eye and mouth area. Chill out for 15 minutes and let the mask work its magic! 



To remove – 

When removing the mask, I simply used a clean damp face cloth as it it easy to rinse out afterwards. 

The Style Shaper rates – 

Overall I would rate this product 8/10. I think it is a good sized tub for the price of €6/€7, it smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling fresh and radiant. 

The two marks lost here would be due to the fact that you do need to constantly use it to get results, and I’m not one to use a lot of product on my skin. The other mark would be that it does not remove blackheads immediately which may be caught in your pores. 

I hope you have enjoyed this review on ‘Along Came Betty, pure pore 15 minute detox mask. Pop down to your nearest Tesco and give it a go! 

Stay fabulous guys and gals! 

The Style Shaper x 


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