The Style Shaper talks ‘shapes’

Hello everyone!

During this post I am going to explain to you in detail the five different body shape categories that enable us to determine our shapes and how they can be styled. I will also be giving some Style Shaper advice and top tips on how to dress your shape!

Keep scrolling to see what shape category you fall under!

A lot of us can get quite confused about our body type and our shape. Knowing your actual shape can help you determine what kind of styles flatter your figure, give you a shape and hug you in or out in all the right places.

As our bodys change from time to time, may it be weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy or even due to injury or ilness, it is important to take note of your changing shape as you may then be in a different “shape category”

Your body and its proportions

First things first! All of you reading this are unique in your own way. No body type or shape is exactly the same regarding your height, weight or size.

Our body shapes are usually broken down into five different categories to help you define your actual shape.

The shape of your body is determined by how it is naturally proportioned, and how you embrace your proportions to flatter your figure.

The five general categories used to define our shapes are as followed:

  • Hourglass
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Rectangle
  • Pear
  • Apple

Now ladies, don’t drop the phone or tablet, or whatever you may be reading this on and shout around the house ” great, im an inverted triangle”  or “yep, I knew I was a pear” because you may fall into a different category or a mix of two!

Coming up:

I will explain each category in finer detail, and once you have figured out your body shape, you will then be able to consider different types of clothing and styles that will flatter that fabulous figure of yours!

The Hourglass 

  • The shoulders, bust and hips are in proportion with each other
  • The waist is noticeably smaller and curves in at the hips
  • Your upper body is in proportion with your lower body
  • Your legs have shape to them 

Flaunt your best bits

If you have got these curves, then don’t be afraid to flaunt them! Show off your curvacious figure without going too overboard. Work with your body in ways that will enhance your hourglass shape.

The Style Shaper advice – Do’s and Don’ts

Do – A fitted dress is always a good idea for the hourglass shape as it hugs those curves in all the right places

Do – A straight leg jean or a skinny leg jean works wonders for this shape as it balances out the different proportions of the body

Do – Famous for her iconic wrap dress, Diane Von Furstenberg may have created the perfect dress for the hourglass figure

Don’ t – Do not wear oversized or baggy clothing which is going to drown your figure. Covering up will create a frumpy shape and will give the illusion of being heavier than you are

The Inverted Triangle

  • Prominent wide set shoulders
  • Broader chest and bust area
  • Smaller waist and hips

Flaunt your best bits

The inverted triangle shape is known for having a fabulous set of pins, so get those legs out ladies! The main thing you want to do is to ensure that you draw the attention away from your torso and down towards the lower part of the body.

The Style Shaper advice – Do’s and Don’ts

Do – Create attention towards your waistline, working with different pieces such as high waisted styles and brighter colours.

Do – Try out a wide leg trouser or jean as this will balance out your shoulders and give the illusion of a waist

Don’t – Steer clear of certain necklines on dresses and tops. Boat necklines and tops with smaller strings are a no no!

The Rectangle 

  • This shape images that of an athletic type physique
  • Shoulders, waist and hips are usually simular in size
  • Torso and lower body are slender

Flaunt your best bits

Due to the shoulders, waist and hips being simular in size, those with a rectangle body shape will want to create curves, along with flaunting your assets – your arms and legs.

The Style Shaper advice – Do’s and Don’ts

Do – Wearing tops and dresses that include ruffles, collars, clinches and ruching are a must to create dimention and also to flatter your chest

Do – A great tip to create curves with the rectangle shape would be to wear scoop neck or sweetheart necklines as this gives the illusion of a waistline and curves

Don’t – I think that when styling your rectangular shape, you should not overwhelme your body with styles that can completely loose your shape

The Pear 

  • Common body shape
  • Bigger lower body, your hips will be wider than the shoulders
  • Your bottom will be rounded and your waist will be well defined

Flaunt your best bits

The pear shape is known for a more prominent waist, so you are best to emphasise this while keeping attention to your shoulders and torso also.

The Style Shaper advice – Do’s and Don’ts

Do – The perfect shoe for you is the pointy-toe court shoe, as this will elongate your legs and give the illusion of a taller physique

Do – Try out A-line skirts as this will give a slimmer look and draw attention away from your hips

Don’t – Steer clear of printed skirts or trousers as this will draw the eye towards that heavier part of your body and create an illusion of a bigger shape

The Apple

  • May feel wider than other body shapes
  • Most of your weight is above the hips
  • Larger bust
  • A smaller waist can be defined by elongating the mid section of your body

Flaunt your best bits

Elongating the mid section of the body is key here. Wearing a V-neck, empire top or dress will achieve this for you, along with wearing a belt at the smaller part of the waist. Draw attention away from the mid section of your body by getting those pins out and about.

The Style Shaper – Do’s and Don’ts

Do – Monochrome can work wonders for this body shape as it gives an instant illusion of a smaller torso

Do – Wearing a shorter skirt or dress can draw the eye straight to your legs and away from the mid section

Do – Wearing a flared trouser or boot leg jean will create an even looking shape as this will balance out your shoulders

Don’t – Steer clear of frumpy tops and coats, shapeless pieces and high necklines

Don’t – Avoid wearing block and solid colours. Mix up your style with different colours and textures

I hope you have all found this post as fashionably educational as I have! Personaly I think it is very important to know your shape especially if your body may be changing.

Stay fabulous guys and gals!

The Style Shaper x

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