“Sisterhood is Powerful” 

Hello everyone!

Wow! What an amazing week! I am totally overwhelmed by the response from my first blog post, not only that, but I also have some very exciting news to share with you all so keep those eyes peeled and stay scrolling!

A lot of you probably don’t know that I have an amazing sister, who also has her own blog called “The Naked Blondie” which is a fabulous food filled blog, focusing on healthy recipes of which are all her own, and her journey to a healthier lifestyle.

So here’s the exciting news!!! 

On Tuesday, 10th March, “The Naked Blondie” and myself were approached by The Kildare Nationalist, which for those who don’t know is our local newspaper. We were asked to share our stories and also to collaborate in a photoshoot together! I know… So exciting! 

The shoot is taking place today on location, and the best bit is…. I will be styling “The Naked Blondie” head to toe for the shoot and interview! 

Stay tuned as a new post will be live in the next couple of days on how I styled “The Naked Blondie” and myself for the shoot. 

Stay fabulous guys and gals. 

The Style Shaper x 

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